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Some Black business owners are in hiding. It may seem like an odd thing to do when people are calling on one another to support Black businesses left and right, but some owners feel they will be more successful if their customers don’t know they are Black and that the company they patronize is Black owned. And there is some evidence that theory might be true. A 2014 Nielsen report on African-American buying habits found that 55 percent of Blacks with household incomes of at least $50,000 said they would buy or support a product if it was sold or supported by a person of color or minority-owned business. But only 20 percent of non-African Americans in the same income bracket would do the same. So it’s no wonder some people want to hide their ownership. For if there race was known, Black business owners just might lose customers. That’s what a few entrepreneurs recently told the Chicago Tribune…

Color Your Way To A Creative Life With Andrea Pippins’ New Book

Last month I wrote about how I’d recently re-discovered the surprisingly therapeutic art of coloring as an adult. Andrea Pippin’s I Love My Hair coloring book was the book that reintroduced me to one of my favorite childhood activities and now the artist is back with another addictive offering. Pegged as “a beautifully illustrated guide that encourages self-discovery and living a creative life,” Becoming Me: A Work in Progress is geared toward helping readers write, doodle, and color their way to discovering how to live creatively. Intricate designs have become customary of Pippins’ and Becoming Me is no different, featuring stylish hand-lettering and full-color illustrations sure to encourage creative self-expression and relieve stress. Becoming Me won’t be available until October 16…

Rakim Says Hip-Hop Artists Need To Address Police Brutality & Injustice

Peter Bailey linked up with the God MC Rakim after a performance celebrating the 30th anniversary of Paid In Full in NYC. The resulting convo found Rakim explaining his thoughts on the game not as a bitter MC, but a wiseman who insights should never be taken for granted. “In my era, when we was coming up, we was letting music imitate life. Now life is imitating music,” said the R when asked about today’s artist speaking down to their fans. He added, “It made more sense what we took what value in real life and incorporated it in rhyme. That’s what gave us a little substance, that’s what gave us a little consciousness… I think now it’s kind of reversed where if somebody comes out and glorifies something, everybody wants that. If somebody comes out and says this is what it is, everybody wants to do that…

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