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Woman Claims Sexual Assault At The Hands Of Water Toy Held By Hibachi Cook

Sexual assault is no joke. It is to be taken very seriously. This, however, is a lil’, well, read this report from AZFamily for yourself and tell us what you think…

A woman’s husband said she was sexually assaulted when she was squirted with water from a toy at a hibachi restaurant.

The woman, Isabelle Lassiter, and her husband, James Lassiter, called the police but refused to file charges when they arrived Monday.

“It was a sexual-style assault on my wife,” James Lassiter said Tuesday.

The toy, used during the cook’s show at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse, was made to look like a little boy, and it shoots water when its plastic pants are pulled down.

Isabelle Lassiter said she thinks the cooks here showed a little too much of the little guy in the cook’s hand.

“It peed on me, basically,” she said Tuesday.

Really? You got R.Kelly’ed? Really? Smh.

Isabelle and James Lassiter were in town on a job from Texas. They said they were mortified when the chef essentially made the toy urinate water on Isabelle.

“(It happened) in front of our minor children and grandchildren,” James Lassiter said.

“It really didn’t have a wiener, but you got the point,” Isabelle Lassiter said.

Police noted the doll wasn’t anatomically correct, but the Lassiters said that didn’t matter.

“Just because somebody cut off a piece of plastic, OK, it’s not there anymore, doesn’t change the fact that you’re getting peed on,” James Lassiter said.

Listen, if they didn’t like the lil’ water toy, fine. Just say you don’t like being squirted on, but “sexual assault” and “peed on”…?

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