Making It Rain On Those Hoes: The First Black Miss England Is Crowned

- By Bossip Staff

We have a new Miss England. Rachel Christie is stepping on toes and breaking down barriers as the first black ever to win the crown:

The First Black Miss England was crowned in London on Monday night. 20-year old Rachel Christie took the crown at London’s Metropole Hilton Hotel beating out…Continue

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  • mario

    im 1st yessssssssss

    latino stand up

  • mario

    oh shes a n*gger. sorry

  • MissBlaze44

    Do ya thing, Ma. Congrats.

  • MissBlaze44

    @ Mario

    To bad – so sad, CHICO.

  • Sunny

    Gone girl…straight representing!

  • Mock Rock Star


  • CHEY


  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    She has beautiful eyes.

    Mario, trolls belong under bridges, not comment posts.

    Try to find your way back to Stormfront little buddy. Don’t let the screen door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha.

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Yeah, go girl!!

  • Moreaces

    Big Ups!!!

  • MissMonday

    Congrats Sista!

  • Izzy V,

    She’s beautiful, but she looks a lot older than 20!

  • sixfoota


  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


    Black People getting a number of 1st throughout the world that’s nice… 🙂

  • facefacts

    lol Mario she’s not a speck sorry..

  • LDN fella

    She ain`t that pretty
    Don`t be surprised to hear that she have a baby
    That`s how London girls are these days

  • Yes Indeed

    I love how the Brits try to act like America’s super racist and their so advanced racially..hypocrites

  • Orfeo

    @yes indeed…

    where did you read that in this article?


  • Sexy&Smart

    about damn time!…big ups to England ALL DAY!

  • christylove

    you go GIRL!

  • Sissy

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  • This I Know

    Apparently English people don’t want her to have the crown.

    BBC News: Public Voters Shun Miss England

    The Miss England champion, niece of Olympic gold medal-winning sprinter Linford Christie, won the contest with only nine votes from the public.

    But organisers said the public vote only selected one of the 15 finalists. The winner was then chosen by judges.

    Rachel Christie, 20, a heptathlete from London, was awarded first place by four of the six judges on the night.

    Zoiey Smale, Miss Oxfordshire, won the public vote with 2,013 votes, but Miss Christie was 49th out of 54 contenders.

    Professional panel

    Angie Beasley, director of Miss England, said: “When it gets to the top 15, they are judged on their confidence and their posture on stage and they are judged on their beauty and their personality.

    “When it gets to the top 15 you cannot have the public vote judging that, it has to be a professional panel.”

    Ms Beasley added that 15p of the £1 cost of ringing the premium-rate phone line to vote would be divided between the charities The Variety Club, eating disorders charity B-Eat and The National Autistic Society.

    The Miss England contest said a total of 9,835 votes were cast by the public. Miss Christie’s nine votes would have represented just under 0.1% of those cast.

    Under the rules, eight of the final 15 are winners of categories such as Miss Public Vote – won by Miss Smale – with seven selected by contest judges.

    Miss Christie, who hopes to compete in the 2012 Olympics, won the Helen E Cosmetic award to reach the final.

  • Miss Caribbean Reppin 3 Countries

    Yawn another light skinned beauty contestant. I love how these beauty contests choose the lightest girls to represent a certain country or race. For example all of those Latin and Black countries like The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil choose the lightest girls to represent their countries and they know damn well that most of their population is Black. I’m Dominican, Jamaican and Puerto Rican and I’m tired of everyone thinking that Latinos are light and can’t be dark or Black like me.

  • Marquis de Sade (The Real One)

    I did’nt know the U.K. has Affirmative Action. Well good for her, I guess.

  • Oshie don't smoke swag

    She looks biracial to me but I guess she is just like the first black president. Whatever

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