He Tried It: “Source” Close To Ed Hartwell Claims He Believed Keshia Knight-Pulliam Could Be Toting A Gut Full Of Big Tigger

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Source Close To Ed Hartwell Starts Rumors Of Keshia Knight-Pulliam Having Affair With Tigger

Big Tigger is currently out of the country and missing the scandal over his ex Keshia Knight-Pulliam divorcing her new husband Ed Hartwell nearly as fast as she married him, but that hasn’t kept him from being dragged into the fray.

According to The Jasmine Brand reports:

A source claims that the former NFL’er believed she was cheating on him with her ex and that he is the father of her unborn child, according to the Daily Mail Online.

Reportedly, Ed suspected Keshia had continued her relationship with ex-boyfriend radio/TV personality Big Tigger (real name Darian Morgan) after they were married. Keshia and Tigger were together before she started dating Ed.

According to the source, Ed believes that Keshia had been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. They dated for more than a year and even attended a White House Black History Month event together before they abruptly broke up in late 2015. Their breakup was so quiet and her relationship with Ed Hartwell happened so fast afterwards that when she announced she was married, many press outlets inadvertently ran photos of her and Tigger.

Ed had suspected the couple may have maintained their sexual relationship even though she moved on with him and that the baby could actually be Tigger’s instead. Keshia is adamant that is not the case, and she’s embarrassed all of this is going on. The Cosby Show kids pride themselves on being drama-free and never being in the headlines. The fact that she is involved in some “Maury Povich-type” drama is everything she’s worked to keep away from.

The only part about this story that seems remotely true is that some media outlets inadvertently ran photos of Keshia and Tigger instead of Ed when Knight-Pulliam wed Hartwell.

Considering how badly that breakup went and how careful Tigger was to steer clear of the messiness it seems highly unlikely he’d reunite with Keshia. Not to mention, his reluctance to get married and have a child were probably part of what sent Keshia into the relationship with Hartwell in the first place! He definitely wasn’t trying to make no babies… SMH

Hit the flip to see what Tigger’s camp is saying about these rumors and to hear Keshia’s thoughts on Lisa Wu using her as part of her reality tv storyline!


Here’s Tigger’s response via The Jasmine Brand:

A source close to him [Big Tigger] said that he is currently out of the country and will be addressing these ridiculous rumors on his V-103 radio show in Atlanta on Monday, during his Trending Topics segment.

The word RIDICULOUS pretty much tells us everything we need to know, riiiight?



In the midst of all the craziness, Knight-Pulliam took some time Friday to address a different rumor that has been lingering — thanks to Lisa Wu’s role on Hollywood Divas — the notion that she was a bad friend to Wu by marrying her ex-husband.

The Jasmine Brand published some quotes from Keshia’s podcast:

Lisa Wu and I have never, will never, be friends. I have no ill will for her, I don’t know her like that it was never a situation of stealing anyone’s husband. They were divorced many years before we even started dating and yes we live in Atlanta, it’s a small town. Have I run into her? Have I taken a picture with her? Absolutely, but I take pictures with people every day. And if you were categorized as friends with everyone you took a picture with, would that be accurate?

I just want to say that I have no desire to continue to be a part of that lie and to continue to be part of a false made up story line that puts me in a defamatory, derogatory light and I don’t have anything more to say about that. But my attorney will be dealing with that from a legal standpoint with TV One and that whole situation, Lisa Wu, so forth and so on. It’s very simple, no need to say my name, because I’m not a part of it. I respect her for being EJ’s mom because I love him dearly and our connection is that we’re going to have the same ex-husband and our children will be siblings, but beyond that, that’s all. I wish you the best, and I’m moving forward.

Okay Keshia, you tell ’em. Don’t forget what Yonce said either… Alway stay gracious, best revenge is your paper!


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