Here’s The Real Reason Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Got To Scrapping And Broke Up For Ten Minutes Last Weekend

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The Reason For Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna’s Fight

Remember that arm-scratching spat that Rob & Chy had before Rob wiped his social media clean of his pregnant fiancee? Well one of the chatty insiders that cradle close to the family is spilling the beans on what led up to the blowout that nearly left Chyna a single mother for the second time. Via USweekly:

“They had a fight. It was one of those things where they broke up for a few hours to cool down,” the source explains to Us, adding that their feud was ignited by “the pressure of filming the show and everything moving too fast.”

“Rob is just not used to filming again, and it’s been hard on him,” the insider continues, explaining that jumping back into life hasn’t been easy on the Arthur George sock creator, who spent the past three years battling weight gain and depression.

“He isn’t used to this pace,” the source says. “He was doing nothing for years.”

Another source confirms that the pressure of it all got to Kardashian. “Let’s not forget he hasn’t been doing the filming schedule in years,” the second insider tells Us. “He’s very vulnerable and not used to it.”

Despite their brief break — during which Kardashian deleted all signs of his pregnant fiancée from his social media — Chyna understands what her future husband is going through. “Chyna is trying to be patient with him,” the source says.

Lord…if Rob is this emotionally shaken and overwhelmed by a few hours of work, we wonder if he really has what it takes to stick it out through parenting a new baby and being a husband??


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