Rumor Control: Drama Wasn’t Gonna Blow Up Phaedra Parks With A Bomb, His Mixtape Is “Bomb And ‘Bout To Blow Up”

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Phaedra Parks Drama

Phaedra Parks Says Racial Profiling And Ignorance Of Urban Slang Got Drama Arrested For “Bomb”

Ok, now, we’ve heard white people use some pretty perforated logic in explaining their fear of black folks, but THIS is just cotdamn ridiculous!

TMZ is reporting the real on exactly what happened when rapper Drama was arrested for allegedly attempting to blow up Phaedra Parks’ office with a “bomb”.

Phaedra tells TMZ she considers Drama a good friend, and knew he was going to come by her office last week to drop off his new CD. The ‘Real Housewives’ star says things started going south though when Drama went to the wrong floor.

According to Phaedra … Drama demanded to see her, and when the receptionist asked him to leave — because he wasn’t in Phaedra’s office — he refused, and she called security. Here’s where it really gets messy.

We spoke to Drama’s mother, who says her son told the guard, “I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up.” She says the security guard followed up by asking if he had anything else about to blow up — and Drama replied, “I got that bomb ass CD in the car” … referring to a package full of CDs in his vehicle.

According to Phaedra, Drama was racially profiled by someone in the office who saw a black man wearing a white tee and gold teeth and got SHOOK!

Dram’s mother insists he was just speaking in his colloquial fashion and the ignorant person (see, white) he was speaking to just didn’t understand what he meant.

The rapper was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and his being held without bail. Phaedra is reportedly doing her best to help him out.

WOW. Just f***ing wow. SMH.

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