You Can’t Be Serious: Cop Who Killed Paul O’Neal Feared He Was Unarmed, Told ‘Don’t Worry, He Was In A Hot Car’

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Chicago Police Shooting
Chicago Police Department

SMH, these trigger happy cops are so ready to cut down a Black man’s life that they’re shooting at each other.

Body Cam Footage Seems To Show Chicago Police Fired First, Paul O’Neal Was Unarmed

Despite conveniently capturing everything but the fatal shot that killed Paul O’Neal after a car chase through Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, The Chicago Tribune reports that police body cams may have recorded just enough to show just how few f—s were given in this latest wrongful police shooting.

In the minutes following O’Neal’s death, the officers involved realized that not only did the teenager not fire at police before crashing the stolen Jaguar he was driving; he may not have had a weapon at all. In fact: the officer who shot O’Neal in the back sounded worried about how the shooting would be judged. His sergeant was unbothered, though.

The officer who believed he had fired the fatal shot initially thought shots had been fired at his police car from the speeding Jaguar when it actually came from officers down the street shooting toward the Jaguar.

While the body camera attached to the uniform of that officer did not capture the fatal shot, a video showed that the officer’s body camera was operating after the shooting and was still recording when police processing the scene asked him to walk through the backyard where he fired his gun and help them find the shell casings.

A sergeant asked whether the shots fired at the officer came from the rear of the yard, but the officer told him the shots fired in his direction happened back on the street moments before the stolen car chase ended in a collision.

“No, the shots were coming at us when the car was coming at us,” the officer said before describing how he ended up in the backyard chasing O’Neal on foot.

“I took off this way, he was coming over this way,” he said, indicating different sections of the backyard. “When I approached this, I didn’t know if he was armed or not.”

As seconds passed in the backyard, the officer grew distraught and feared that it would be judged a bad shooting.

“Man, this is so f—– up, man. I don’t want nothing to happen to that f—— guy, dude,” he said to the sergeant. “The way s—‘s going man, I’m going to be f—— crucified, bro.”

At that point, the sergeant sought to reassure the officer, citing the car theft as justification for what happened.

“Relax, he was in a hot car. Nothing to worry about.”

With this much proof of wrong doing, do you think the officers involved in this case will actually serve some time?

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