Bobby is a Good Sport

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Bobby Brown comments on Whitney’s comeback:

“She’s the diva of all divas. She’s Whitney Houston. She has the greatest voice probably on the face of this earth… Don’t count her out yet. After 14 years of marriage, it’d be tough on anybody. But we have a great daughter. And we’re really cool friends, we talk. It is what it is.”

We’re glad that Bobby still has nice thing s to say about Whitney. He’s probably trying to get in good, so he can get a piece of that $2.78 million for an hour concert check.


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  • mr mr

    ha ha at Bobby…

  • statim08

    He knows the score.

  • Bird

    Just because people break up doesn’t mean they have to be enemies. If they have children they definately need to try to get along.

  • NotoriousOne

    Glad to see that Bobby is taking the high road and isn’t making dumb a*s comments about Whitney. And like Bird said, for the sake of the kids you hope they continue to keep it civil.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    His lips are just twitching to wrap around that Glass Rose tube that you purchase at the neighborhood liquor store! LOL

  • T-Real (Ain't he some gorgeous eye candy?)

    Good for you Bobby!

  • I'm Just Me


    Hopefully he is speaking from a good heart and not just in good with her.

    Should we ask Dionne Warwick, Whitney’s Aunt, what she sees in the future for them?

    AWWWw: Give mea quarter and I’ll you your future


  • valenne

    humm, they are friends??!!!. I don’t know but a man that brings you down, puts you on drugs, manipulates you, cheats on you, beats you cannot even deserve to be your friend even if you have a daughter!! no way!!! We are mothers but we also are women and we must be able to be both on same time. If you portray yourself as a weak woman, you would probably have your daughter to be weak too! so no, i would not be friend with Bobby, just deal with him for my daughter but hell no!!

  • Pure Comedy

    This is Bobby’s response to when them checks stop coming in. LOL @ him.

  • chir

    why do yall always use this pic when talking about bobby & Whitney? This pic is from 3 yrs ago

  • Lauren

    Did anyone catch Celebrity Expose’ with Whitney & Bobby?? They did an exclusive interview with Bobby Brown, he kinda looked high to me, but then again they were showing clips from back in the day and those two were some serious crackheads…..they were feinin off each other! I’m so glad Whitney is makin a comeback though.

  • Fabulous

    Drugs did a number on both of them, but they were together for a good minute and they probably did and still do have sincere feelings for each other.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Even though he is probably one of the most f’ed up people on Earth, he has always seemed pretty guinuine to me. I’m glad that he is able to take all of this in stride.

  • Corree

    I don’t think Bobby made Whitney use drugs. Whitney was probably getting high with her brother before she even started dating Bobby. That’s probably what her and Bobby had in common in the first place.

  • Celebrity CSI

    This picture says a thousand words, none which are complimentary. She is coming back alright….from her “hell to the naw” phase. lol

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    My mom was a crackhead like Whitney but we’re Jamaicans so my pops beat her clean.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Wire…my cyber stalker/puppet, are you still at it? LMAO, you dream about me at night don’t you? Why use my pic, go on and put YOUR pic back up Wire, share your beauty with us once again.

    Anyhoo, I’m gone, I have a 2:30 w/a new client and he’s in the lobby.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Bobby crazy fasho

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