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The fight for equal pay for women in the workforce is one that’s been ongoing for decades, but in recent times, there’s been more and more significant strides in making the goal a reality. It’s already common knowledge that the pay gap is bad for white women, but Black, Hispanic, and Asian women continue to earn even less for the same work, with Black women earning as little as 62 percent on the dollar in some places across the country, as The National Partnership for Women & Families confirms. Nevertheless, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has passed a new law banning employers from requesting salary history of potential hires in Massachusetts, CBS Boston reports. Using previous salary information during the course of the selection process has proven time and time again to be unfair to women, allowing them to be paid less than men by default…


World’s Largest Hotel To Be Built In Mecca To Accommodate Muslim Pilgrimages

abraj kudai saudi arabia

The Islamic faith, like many others, is grounded in tradition and, as such, every year more than 15 million Muslims make the Pilgrimage to Mecca every single year, despite complaints of overcrowding and the lack of hotel space during the sacred time. Thankfully, those who travel to the historic city in Saudi Arabia will no longer have to deal with congestion problems because the largest hotel in the world will be built there by 2017. Named Abraj Kudai, the hotel will be a 1.4 million-square-meter building and, according to Refinery 29, will cost $3.5 billion to be built. When it’s complete, the hotel will have over 10,000 rooms. Travel + Leisure reports that there will be 70-plus restaurants located within the Abraj Kudai and the hotel will be divided into 12 towers…


Jumpman Up To Something: Walmart Is Now Selling Jordans, Twitter Has Questions

jordan's walmart

If you Google “Walmart Jordans” right now, you will be led to and their pretty impressive assortment of Air Jordan sneakers available for purchase. The prices don’t seem to vary too much from what you would pay at your local sneaker store either. If you’re wondering just how, why and when did this happen, you’re not the only one. Social media is lit right now as people are questioning their entire lives and why they ever went through the struggle of waiting in line, paying extra on resale or even hiring personal sneaker brokers to ensure that they got the new J’s when they dropped. Others are rejoicing though. Because now it seems that you can knock out your furniture, grocery and Jordan shopping at the same place. Or so it seems…


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