Ain’t No Joke: Lawyer Breaks Down Trump’s Offensive Campaign “Jokes” Perfectly

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Lawyer Explains Why Trump’s Clinton Assassination “Joke” Is Actually Bullying

When is Trump ever not in the news for offending someone? The gut of his whole campaign seems to be based on making outrageous assumptions and telling offensive “jokes”…but are they really jokes???

Earlier today he joked that people who are against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy could exercise their “second” amendment rights as an answer. Many were obviously offended at his suggestion of assassinating Clinton as a “joke”. And what about his other “jokes”? The racists jokes about Muslims in the U.S. and Mexicans? Or when he used the phrase “my African American” (Not a joke, but equally cringeworthy).

Today a professor and lawyer from Dallas perfectly summed up Trump’s character in a series of tweets. The mini-dissertation blew the minds off Trump supporters, of course, making them double-back on their theory that Trump is a “straight shooter” (no pun intended) and “says it how it is’. So is he trying to get our former First Lady murked or nah?

Jason P. Steed explains how damaging Trumps humor actually is.


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