Exclusive: Did "Bassy’s" People Dump on Rapper Fabolous After Robbery?

- By Bossip Staff

Sebastian Telfair AKA “Bassy”

Sources tell Bossip that the “streets” and police are both looking at Celtics basketball star Sebastian Telfair and associates of his brother Sylvester( who served time in Rikers Island for attemped murder but was later cleared) as possible suspects in the Fabolous shooting. Telfair who is from the projects and the cousin of NBA player Stephan Marbury had his $50,000 chain snatched that night.


The fact that Fabolous was shot in the same parking garage where Telfair or “Bassy” had his chain snatched has raised suspicions as to whether the robbery and shooting are related. Sources tell Bossip that Fabolous’ entourage were included in a police lineup related to the chain snatching. Fabolous has hired an attorney, Alberto Ebanks to get ready for accusations he and his associates were involved in the robbery of Bassy’s $50,000 chain. Sources say Bassy was very uncooperative with the NYPD investigation of the robbery of his own chain. Another source says the NYPD’s dealings with Bassy’s stolen chain is secondary, they are primarily looking at him for information related to the Fabolous shooting.

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