Get Well Tina

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The paramedics were called after Tina Knowles collapsed from flu symptoms on the set of Cadillac Records in New Jersey.

Tina was checked over by the EMTs and despite high blood pressure, her condition was not thought serious enough to transport her to local hospital.

Well that’s a relief. What would the stans have done if there was no Tina and her mommy-dearest pimp game?


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  • Raven

    What the hell is going on with this flu season? It’s f’ing March!!

  • Jahpson

    take care of your health!!

    what she stressed about? she living off her daughters money

  • getyourhandouttamypocket wants everyone to stop using the word "hater"

    Glad she’s okay…but is this really news? Hmmmm…

  • # 1

    Hope she gets well soon!


    is this really newsworthy who hasnt had flu like symtoms? NEXT!

  • bree

    the other site didn’t say she passed out.. maybe the Spitzer story worried her and she started thinking that Daddy Knowles was back on the Ho-Stroll and would be found out, again.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She needs to rest.

  • Cage

    I agree with Getyour.. Glad she’s ok but this is not news… Her tits look huge though wtf….

  • kamikaze

    Who jacked who’s style: Mama Tina jacked Beyonce’s steez or Beyonce jacked Mama Tina’s steez?? Im perplexed here??

  • dayg715

    well, at least now people will stop thinking that janet’s flu isn’t real.

  • Sickofit

    Get well soon! On another note… Is it me or does she look evil? I don’t think I have ever seen Tina smiling.

  • herpesfinder

    her mommy-dearest pimp game?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Glad she’s ok. She looks scary as hell though. She isn’t a bad looking woman she just looks really scary. Like a wealty witch.

  • SQ

    Why does Tina look like the Light skin guy from Milli Vanilli ” Girl You know it’s True”

  • Da R

    she collapsed after watching her daughter’s acting, or should i say “non” acting LMAO!

  • Guilty Pleasure

    ^^^^ LMAO @ Da R…….

  • Vinandi

    @ bree

    @ SQ

    Y’all are funny!! LMAO!

  • I'm Just Me

    Hope she feels better

    But Ah Slow News Day huh?

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Southern Belle

    AH YES…she does look like a witch.

    You are so on point when it comes to stuff like this!


    Get well Tina?! Who is this heffer?

    Where was the love for Janet?

    This website is rediculous.

  • num1dominicano

    damn……i’d smash Tina without hesitation…..

  • valenne

    she has huge boobs, beyonce did not get that heritage!!

  • Shrennie

    That is one mean looking woman. I can’t understand why she always looks so pissed…

  • justme

    i know this is mean but maybe Bey was just getting 2 much attentoin on set and momma Tina got a lil jealoous and faked it lol just a thought

  • valenne

    I really htink that bey looks like her mother!

    I mean, i fher mother was smoother, she would be hot! she is still hot for real lol

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