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Here is Kansas City Chiefs RB and Camel’s BFF Larry Johnson with his boo Julissa Bermudez at the ESPN The Magazine Turned 10! celebration in NYC. Is it just us, or is tha Julissa looking a little sexier than usual?

Fabolous and some ANTM alums were in the house too. Damn, we wonder if these chicks ever get real modeling gigs:

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  • Bird

    It looks like Julissa got a boob job and went too far.

  • Vinandi


    They make a cute couple!

  • bree

    Larry looks like he just woke up.

  • Vinandi

    okay- not quite

    yeah those titties look unreal- good but unreal!

  • I'm Just Me


  • Marlo Stanfield

    new boobs!!! not bad

  • da darkness

    JULS ooooh laaaaa laaaaaaaaa. @Johnson you go boi, nothing slack there. Shorty right there is a tiiiiiiiiiiin 10 and i’d by her a drink not a $4600 but a drink

  • Bonnie

    They look cute together and yes, them boobs have been done..

  • soulwoman

    She does look better than usual. And yes, it appears she went under the knife. But it also could be a good padded, push-up bra.

    Good to see Larry not looking fruity for a change.

  • valenne

    this girl has the perfect body : slim with nice curves! Healthy!!

  • Sxynetia

    They are well match each other. I saw their photos on

  • Southern Belle 225

    They make a really nice couple. Good for them!

  • valenne

    @ 6 figgas,

    what is wrong with her?? she is beautiful and healthy!!

  • valenne

    oh yes, i know now, is it because she does not have a backyard!!

  • Cage


  • num1dominicano

    good move Larry

  • Marquis de Sade

    She has a body made for sex, but her face looks kind of rigid and weathered. I’m with 6 figgas, with that all that money and fame, he could be more superficial and find the perfect ten. I know i would.

  • valenne

    @ marquis de sade,

    somethin tells me that she won’t be black right??

  • valenne

    is that hard to understand that maybe he is having a lot of fun with her, that they share a lot, that maybe, he loves her! really sad!

  • it's me dammit!!!


    Julissa isn’t black, she’s Hispanic, or Latino

  • valenne

    talking about woman like we were a merchandisse?!

  • valenne

    oki, i did not know, she looks like a light skin black woman to me!

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ valenne

    With money and fame, you don’t have to limit yourself with the constraints of societal norms…And why is it that you would assume that black doesn’t equate to a perfect 10? Projecting much?

  • valenne

    because i learn a lot about you through your comments and i know you re among those that think that white woman equals social eveolution!

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    @ valenne

    Nothin’s “wrong” with Julissa, I’m just sayin’ I was smashin’ chicks hotter than her back in high school. Her body’s on point, but from the neck up… nah. With all that cake, LJ should have perfect 10’s flutterin’ around ‘im like moths to a porchlight…

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