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Colin Kaepernick’s Mom Continues To Speak On His Stance On The National Anthem

Remember when we told you about Colin Kaepernick’s birth mom who publicly blasted him for his decision not to stand during the national anthem?
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Well Heidi Russo who gave him up at six weeks old and who has little to no relationship with the NFL star, is still speaking out and getting blasted for it.

According to Heidi just because she’s criticizing Colin it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him.

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Several people are pointing out however that she’s still remaining mum on the onslaught of racist trolls who are calling her son a n***er.


So your son is on a “path of destruction” but the bigots in his AND your mentions, aren’t Heidi???

Where’s his real mom Teresa Kaepernick???

More from Heidi on the flip.

Heidi also retweeted Allen West’s “A Message For Colin From A Non-Oppressed Black Man”:

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A section of it reads,

“Mr. Kaepernick, a biracial young man adopted and raised by white parents, claims America is oppressing blacks at a time when we have a black, biracial president who was twice elected.

We’ve had two black attorneys general and currently have a black secretary of homeland security, along with a black national security advisor.

Here in Dallas our police chief, whom I know, is an outstanding black leader.

The officer in Milwaukee who shot the armed assailant after issuing an order to drop his weapon was black. Is Mr. Kaepernick following suit and cherry-picking what he terms “oppression?”

Heidi’s continuing to ignore calls for her to defend her son against racists. Telling.


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