SuperHead: “I Didn’t Bang Anybody to Get Here”… Ho Sit Down

- By Bossip Staff

Karrine Steffans can’t seem to get a good interview on promoting her new book. The last interview on the CW was hilarious. She had another interview with a radio show, but this time she cut it short.

Pop it for Pure Comdey

Karrine Steffans has had more meat than a butcher shop has to sell. It’s the only reason that she is even known. You can’t hide from your past when you were the one to put it out there!!!!

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  • Hannibal

  • MB

    This hoe is dumb as hell!

  • erica

    Chris Rock!!! lololololololol

  • Nicole
  • kelis

    Boooooo Ms. Steffans…

  • Ok

    LMFAO!!!!!! That white dude aired her out!!! LOL I love him so much. ” I didnt bang anyone to get here” LMAO “Dont buy the book” LOL…

    ho sit your as* down in the corner for some time out!!!!! No one knew who the hell you were until you wrote that book about who you f*cked and their dirty secrets! That girl is good for being on her back lol

  • Hannibal


  • erica

    she just can’t get no respect…i honestly dont give a flying f who she slept with. i cant hate and say she shouldnt try to make her money.

    i mean but chris rock though. he just pulled out the only two black men he could think of

    he shoulda said mc hammer and al sharpton. that woulda be hilarious

  • Dr. Heather

    She better stop being so offended every time there’s an interview if she wants to sell books…

  • hotcoko79

    WOW!!! But honestly why would she ever think that no one would EVER bring up the 1st book–but dude was madd funny putting her out there yo that was classic

  • candi

    Karrine is trying so hard to seem like an educated black woman. She is trying to die down her past.

    She has no marketing skills and is unprofessional. Don’t she know that its better to be presented as a professional hoe than an unprofessional one? lol

  • aqueenwaits

    Come on yaw, she’s 100% correct! She didn’t bang anybody to get to the top!

    SHE BANGED EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please sit down skank!

  • hotcoko79


    right I was like huh when he said Chris Rock but you see how she was quick to correct him on Chris Rock cuz you know Chris Rock and his wife would’ve got in that ASS!!!

  • hotcoko79

    The sad thing is that their are out women there that will buy this book and actually hope to get and/or keep their man (smh)

  • 215

    Her attitude will keep her from further success!

  • hotcoko79

    sorry meant *women out there*

  • Sissy

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  • erica


    Eddy Winslow is not a catch!!! They deserve each other.

  • Dictionary Of..

    I would have so much more ‘respect’for this chick if she actually admitted her past. She needs to stop praying perfume on turds.

  • chillin

    LOL! Well he has a point, I wouldnt have known who she was without the first book naming every celebrity she has been with.

  • 112

    Isn’t that how she got the name superhead to begin with?

  • TC_Q

    I believe she said they have been together for ten years and married for two. She is upping the numbers to make the public believe she is qualified to school us women on keeping a man. Are u kidding me..her relationsip with “eddie” was in shambles not very long ago. Didnt she accuse of him of physical abuse?

  • hellonursenancy


    She does have self-respect, which is why she didn’t let that radio host get out of line with her. She simply hung up the phone.

  • TC_Q


  • Dictionary Of..

    @ ‘hellonurse’
    Theres no doubt this book will do big numbers. However this chick isnt famous for Singing, Acting or anything that requires any talent whatsoever. Not unless you consider sticking multiple d**ks in multiple holes a ‘talent’. so no, she has no self respect. Even Karrine is denying her past so shes obviously not so proud herself.

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