We Have The First Black Governor Of New York, Thank This $5000 Ho

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

So this is what hoes running for 5K an hour look like. Here is Ashley Alexandra Dupre’ the chick Eliot Spitzer hired just to bust a nut and now ruined his career. Oh well, such is life. On a better note, New York state will now have it’s first African-American governor David Paterson.

New York Stand Up! for the blind Brotha.

According to reports, the shady Clinton backing Spitzer wanted brains with no jimmy and had to pay more than usual.

Click here for more pics of Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

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  • Up2NoGood

    Ummm, he paid for it.

  • da darkness

    Nice she’s going to get all the pub now. Here’s a accomplishment. Boo Boo has gotten the first Black Governer Sr. Patterson in office. All should stand up for this Cleopatra. She’s done good. Damn Good! Damn Real Good. Super Damn Real Good. This is BIG.

  • serene

    he better not had been using my tax money on that hoe..

  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com braided beauty

    A hoe is a hoe is a hoe, no matter how high priced she is… what the hell is worth 5,500 a night??????






  • da darkness

    Somebody get her anything she wants. I hear she can sing and wants a deal. Playboy get at shorty.

  • Zayah

    I thought that was Kim Kardashian lol..

  • Georgia On My Mind (An Official Member of the Latte-Sipping Crowd)

    What did the average looking hooker do that was worth $5k/per night?

    Congrats to David Paterson.

    I hear you guys in NY are in for something good.

  • T-Real

    Nothin special bout her says 5G’s to me.

  • valenne

    for white people, she is cute, she looks like a model!

  • da darkness

    Stop hatin on this Superwomen. She’s gotten a Black Man to be the head of New York. A Black Governer in what used to be the state that harbored and transported my ancestors from it’s ports all over the world. Now looks who’s in charge. LOL God makes all things possible. Jubilee in NEW YORK.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Hey now she’s rich and famous and will go on to be a socialite in Hollywierd. I bet they’re setting up her reality show as we speak. Now she will relly be paid.

  • Astrid

    He paid that much so that she would be quiet, not because her skills were just that magical.

  • WTF

    @braided beauty

    A hoe is a hoe is a hoe, no matter how high priced she is… what the hell is worth 5,500 a night?????


    this is just speculation, but maybe she can take head while busting out vocals from a familiar R&B tune!?

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=53615548 Chatti Addi

    she’s cute..brunettes are dangerous..

    “So this is what hoes running for 5K an hour look like. Here is Ashley Alexandra Dupre’ the chick Eliot Spitzer hired just to bust a nut and now ruined his career”

    lol hilarious!

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    What’s sad is that she’s only 22 and he’s got to be well into his 50s or something. I bet he has daughters her age. Meanwhile she won’t say how long she’s been “working” for him, so it might be safe to assume that she could of even been much younger when they first hooked up. Power, sex and money will always be the downfall of egotistical men. SMH

  • Oh my gosh Becky!

    thank you hoe .. i for one, wanted a black gov’na 🙂 don’t worry ya’ll they said these chicks did shyt normal hoes wouldn’t do!! [bareback, kinky shyt, doodoo, animals] yeah, and the $5,500 was not all hers .. she walked away with probably like $500 after the pimp agency took their cut and he paid for future nuts .. can he get his money back now that that ain’t happening .. and did you hear her sing? yeah, she should stick to opening her legs ..

  • kamini

    Yeah I agree he was not paying for the quality so much, but you are paying for the security aspect, except it wasn’t so secure. lol She probably got 1/2 of that amount, maybe less and that man might have been raw doggin it, so you will also pay big bucks for that too.

  • bree

    @ Serene, he definitely was spending our tax money..i don’t believe for one second that 80,000 came out of his pocket

  • A.B.W.

    People let’s be real. She slept with an elected official not a RAP SUPERSTAR. Not even Monica Lewinsky got that much air time from sucking the President dry.

    If this girl is smart (which it seems like she is) she would remain incognito and not try to get fame from this. IF she wants to get interviewed she best run to Larry King or a Nightline Special.

    Elliot Spitzer is infamously know for his tenacity for burying people and the opposition. Depending on how deep the FEDS get in his ass will determine how quickly he will send his lawyers after her and anyone non-political who tries to profit out of his story.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    The Power of Pu$$y

    I’ve been trying to tell ya’ll about the Power of Pu$$y…

    If ya’ll only knew how powerful your coochie is/was…

    Damn, this man did a really good job while he was the Attorney General of New York too and look at what he did:

    – ruined his political career

    – tarnished his image and reputation and this s#it is definitely going down in history, he won’t be able to escape this (lucky for him his paper is kinda long and his family has money)

    – embarrassed not only himself but his family – in particular his wife (*and she standing by his side even though he spent over $80,000 on pu$$y for the past 10 years, I can’t imagine how that makes her feel)

    All over some pu$$y and he was MARRIED…

    He spent over $80,000 on pu$$Y over 10 years – DAMN!!!!!

    He was MARRIED and spent $4000 on pu$$y for just one hour of sex – DAMN!!!!!

    The power of pu$$y I tell ya…

  • serene

    @ bree

    i don’t either. 80,000 on a hooker……and there isn’t even after schools in some of these schools.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @valene..i cosign. I think she is just average as well but in the white world, she is probably considered top notch. I don’t condone call girls or hookers or whatever you want to call them. But if i was her and I was a call girl, I would damn sure take those 5 g’s from his old ass. For a woman in her profession, she has hit a lick and I’m sure, no I know he isn’t the only one. So if these skanks can get these high profile politicians to give them 5 g’s a pop, i can’t be mad at them.

  • A.B.W.

    Elliot should sent some of his HOES over to the White House while he was in office

    Somebody needs 2 throw some P***Y POWER to George (DUBAYAH) BUSH, maybe

    1.he will not be at a lost for words

    2.give a long speech without mis-pronouncing words

    3.have a blank look on his face

    4.restore the economy

    5.bring the war to an end

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