When The Checks Stop Coming In: Aretha Franklin

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Aretha Franklin might lose her house:

An attorney’s mistake caused Aretha Franklin’s $700,000 mansion in Detroit to slip into foreclosure over $445 in 2005 taxes and late fees. But Aretha Franklin, who owes a total of $19,192 in back taxes on the property through 2007, said she plans to pay up and reclaim it by the March 31 deadline.

“It was a mere oversight on my attorney’s part to notify me. It will be taken care of immediately and thank you for making me aware of it.”

Franklin risked losing a 1927 Detroit mansion to tax collectors over $162 in 2005 taxes and $283 in interest and fees. The foreclosure judgment was entered earlier this month, and records show Franklin owes $18,746 in back taxes and fees for the 2006 and 2007 tax years, but foreclosure proceedings on those debts wouldn’t begin until next year.

Maybe if Aretha quit spending all her money on furs and food full of hydrogenated oils, she would be on top of her payments.


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  • WTF


  • bree

    ok so she isn’t spending money on real estate, clothes that fit, expensive wigs, nor bariatric surgery, what the hell is she doing with her money?

  • $moK.E.Y.

    WTF is up with that cabbage patch kids baby doll hair, oh lord i want to believed that this picture is nothing but some craft photoshopping!

  • Aphatty

    A $700,000 mansion? Wonder what THAT looks like.

  • hfranklinj

    She will not lose her home. I’ve dealt with real estate several years now and this happens very often and in most cases over small amounts. It all accounts to human error. Not even news worthy as was the distasteful post.

  • mr mr

    This pic never gets old….LOL

  • http://deleted Queenb2001

    why must you guys show the worst picture of Aretha. Like come on now show her some respect. Always trying to make ppl look bad.

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    Queen needs to exfoliate them boobies STAT.


    LOL …

    things i hate…

    a hoe

    a mexican

  • We Got to do Better!

    Queen needs to exfoliate them boobies STAT.


    OMG – LMAO


  • Squidbilly


  • Up2NoGood

    I just want to know why is it so hard for someone to tell a person…..

    1. Put the fork down (you’re done)

    2. Let’s go shopping for some age appropriate clothing and a bra. (they come in all sizes)

    3. When you have to use that much material it is no longer a dress.

  • Raven

    Please put the other picture up. Jesus, those are the epitome of watermelons for reals.

  • Don King

    @ Up2nogood, got damn that was funny. LMAO!

  • Southern Belle 225


    “WTF is up with that cabbage patch kids baby doll hair, oh lord i want to believed that this picture is nothing but some craft photoshopping!”

    ****DEAD**** at the cabbage patch kids baby doll hair!

  • JRiddles

    Those pearls look stuck under her left tit. She should hire me to make her look good and those straps are about to burst any second now. Her attorney and stylist both need to be fired. Wig gotta go too.

  • $moK.E.Y.


    lmao again with the mexicans!

  • Shonna Gayle

    This is not gossip.

  • Anon

    Just about anyone from the D who knows or knows of Aretha… knows that over the decades she has had several properties lost over unpaid taxes, a suspicious fire, and has been sued (by Saks) for unpaid garments. Years ago (just before “Freeway of Love” hit) girl almost lost the home she was living in at that time to foreclosure… the song hit big, and she walked into the Mortgage Company and throw a check (just signed Aretha) for the balance at the clerk. I just don’t know why the Queen doesn’t pay her bills on time. Aretha owns multiple properties in the metro Detroit area (most housing relatives), and she doesn’t live in this particular property (“The Queen” lives as one would expect…out in the suburbs in a tony gated community). Here’s the deal, Re-Re just don’t care… just embarass her fatass by going public, and she’ll write a check!

  • oh please

    why is there stubble on her tits

  • Mary J Blige

    I will pray for her. This is too sad. Her blood pressure must be through the roof. Stop making nasty cheap shots about her. She’s done so much for us and is truly a living legend. She paved the way for artists such as Whitney and myself. We should encourage her to loose that weight rather than shaming her. smh.

  • Oh my gosh Becky!

    i don’t get these people .. just pay your damn house off in cash! mortage lenders are crooked and will always have you out on loans ..

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    This is sad. Is she’s the “Queen” she claims she is, can she be the Queen of paying bills on time? How about you be the queen of that?

    Furthermore, everytime I see this pic it upsets me. How can you possibly let yourself look like this? Can you also be the queen of natural aging? This is just not right. And to think she’s made wonderful music all these years, and still can’t figure out when you should stop eating.

  • Mary J Blige

    Britney Spears makes over $300,000 a month from royalties from her past hits (which she did not write. So what amkes you think Aretha Franklin is struggling for money? Do you even know how much she earns for one-off performances? Do you know the value of her total assets or her net worth? NO! So stop making up baseless rumors just for the sake of mocking her.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Spell check, “IF she’s the Queen….”

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