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Donald Faison and Jessica Simpson’s ex-flunkie Cacee Cobb were spotted yesterday in LA.

In other swirls news, there is a new reality show where a man Tobias White and his two bi-racial sons look for a black wife/mother:

“I’m a white male and I’ve always dated only black women. I just always have. It’s not that I’m prejudiced against my own race, but it just seemed a better fit for me. And now I have two children that are bi-racial. I’ve seen so many shows like the Bachelor and now Age of Love, The Rock of Love and Joe Millionaire. They always have 19 or 20 white women on the show and they’ll have one black woman. It’s almost like it was set up for the black woman to get voted off. To me, with the mother of my kids being black, I think it’s a disrespectful thing. And I was just thinking one day about a year ago that this would be a good reality show. Me and my sons want a good woman in our lives, and who better to help me find my Queen, than my sons? Who knows me better than my sons?”


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    better than datin a mexican

    then youde have 30 biracial sons



  • bree

    Mar 13, 2008 – 1:37 pm PHILLY DA BOSS inINGLEWOOD

    better than datin a mexican

    then youde have 30 biracial sons


    omg, you really loathe

    anyways this fam is about to be PAID


    Sounds okay to me, as long as the woman aren’t tacky and trashy… but its VH-1 so that probably unlikley!

  • victory is mine

    well he knows what he likes…good for him…

    i thought donald faison was married? is he married to her?…

  • We Got to do Better!

    He aint never lying.Whenever I see a Black girl on one of these shows, I’m wondering, how much do they plan on humiliating her until she gets the boot?

  • Onlinefan

    I read this news at which is a niche interracial dating site

  • Grace


  • Bran

    Sounds like a good idea. Every time I watch the Bachelor and shows like that, the poor black girl doesn’t make it past the FIRST round of elimination!! It’s such a joke. I always ask myself why the hell do they would even waste her time and fly her out there knowing she ain’t gonna make it from the get go. The only other reality dating shows where they show black women is Flavor of Love and don’t EVEN get me started on that.

  • Mo


    shut-up and go home to your Becky with her non-dancin ass

  • Vh1 Rep

    I am pleased to announce that our next project that is in production will be called “Jew love me”. It be an all jewish female cast, including a few black Jews sans Sammie Davis Jr, and place them in a house to get wet and wild. The twist is they are all competeing for the heart of adult film star Mr.Marcus. This show is scheduled to premiere late spring. Check your local listings for time.

  • Narkotic5 Anonymou5

    Vh1 be buggin…I’m definitely watching this show…I luuzzzz ‘de sistasss

  • getyourhandouttamypocket wants everyone to stop using the word "hater"


    better than datin a mexican

    then youde have 30 biracial sons


    I’m so wrong for laughing at this!!!

    But, the white girl can have his ass…

  • Blue Eyed Angel

    Ewww..What happened to Donald Faison’s hairline? And why is he staring at Cacee Cobb like that?

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    Damn..They still are together?? DAMN they are doing better than Messica, and Nick Lachey..Hell Nick Lachey, and Vanessa is doing better than Messica, and He was! OH well! Donald..need to just say GOODBYE to that 12 O’clock shadow!

  • Babegyrl

    Get the F*ck outta here…………..

  • JAD

    He knows what he is talking about!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    He is staring at her, because he is going to hit that ass when they get home, or maybe in the car..HOT!

  • How bad

    @ok I wanna deck you …who gives a high hell who dates who.your detest for black women is all in ya text take that shi8 up with ya moms and the sista that broke ya heart.

  • establishedat20


  • Keif K


  • Keif K


  • Keif K


  • TXbred

    This cracks me up, you you chicks would flip out if this was a black dude/white chick and you know it. Yet you jump on OKKK for stating this fact

    More power to him, never had a interracial stuff, never will. Any one who does is insecure or just hateful

  • Jubeisan

    Intresting concept, but who cares…really. When will humans get past the concept of color. Live and let live. As a black man, I’m not intimidated by black women who choose to date only white men. I applaud it. God knows I’m tired of the angry, borderline lesbian black woman who can’t find love. Broaden your horizons. That being said. Unfortunately society holds white women as the ideal. As a result most white men if given the chance to date anyone will most always choose a white woman, with an asian in close second.

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