Atlanta: Donald Glover Says THIS Is Why His FX Series Is So Damn Funny

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Donald Glover Talks “Atlanta” On FX

Tonight, September 6, Donald Glover’s new FX series hits television and the actor turned show creator, executive producer, writer, director and executive music producer wants you to tune in.

BOSSIP was recently on hand for Glover’s star studded “Atlanta” premiere at the Georgia Aquarium and chatted with the star about the comedy that tells the story of Earn, a Princeton dropout, struggling to get his cousin Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles’ rap career off the ground.

It’s hilarious and smart and 100% relatable for anyone who lives in or around the city of which it bares its name.

According to Donald however, “Atlanta” was never supposed to be have that title but fans chose it for him so he “went with it.”

“First of all I didn’t name it “Atlanta”, the internet kind of named it,” said Glover. “It was an untitled project, I don’t know what outlet said it but they said ‘it’s called Atlanta’, so we said; ‘Okay it’s called Atlanta.'”

“I feel like the weight of that means that you have to hold the city in high regard,” he added. “Atlanta’s been in movies for a long time and a lot of people have done it. but living here I think a lot of people were like, that’s not all of it. I don’t think it’s possible to show all of it, but if it’s possible to show something different then we’ll win.”

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He also spoke on the importance of making the series funny, and noted that he and his brother turned to episodes of Bernie Mac and The Chappelle Show for inspiration.

“Me and my brother grew up here and we were like, ‘if we’re gonna make a show called Atlanta with mostly black people, it needs to be funny first,” said Glover. “If it was anything else, like if it was boring people might be like ‘oh that’s important’, and clap for it but no one’s gonna tune in if it’s not funny.

We talked about the funniest episodes of Bernie Mac and like Chappelle Show and thought ‘why were those funny?'” he added. “The realness of Atlanta I think makes it funny in a way that I feel is very specific to black people.”

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Atlanta premieres TONIGHT September 6 at 10/9c on FX.

Robin Lori for FX Network

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