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Keith Olbermann is on point here with his Special Comment on the shady Clintons and Geraldine Ferraro character.

Click Here to view the video clip directly on Livesteez.

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  • Darth Paul

    He’s cool. Anyone who’ll step to Bill O’Reilly and any other bser out there has my support.

  • bbnuyr

    Love Keith Olbermann-watch him every night. He doesn’t sugarcoat things or treat you like you don’t know better, unlike some news media outlets- what he said last night was defintely on point.


  • Phil

    You know there are people who think her comments were calculated and intended for a reason, check out the Huffington post and see what I mean.

  • Oh my gosh Becky!

    don’t nobody wanna go on that wack site livesteez! jeez!

  • oh please

    And yes, livesteez is totally lame. Your video player is buggy, most videos don’t work, and the whole site is slooooooooow

  • hellno

    DAMN – I meant to type if Obama doesn’t win, sorry for the error.

  • SEVEN007


  • WhatTheHell?

    Bravo! Well said.

    And like I’ve been saying, if Hillary can’t run her campaign, she sure as hell can’t run the country. Think on it…

  • nga

    i totally agree with everything he said, hillary is poisoning her own party

  • binary star

    He gave her the business!

  • Chicken Juice

    I’ve always liked this guy. He and Lou Dobbs are usually on point w/ topics on race and immigration.

  • I'm Just Me

    YES, YES YES!!!!

    And this man seems mad as hell! Good because I am mad as hell!

    It is obvious Clinton is a fumbling, bumbling idiot letting over zealous people run her campaign right into the mud, which smear tactics, and now sexist and racist tactics.

    In the words of WHAT THE HELL if she cannot run her campaign how can she run this country.

    OBAMA 08! For real. For staying a step ahead, for not being negative and for not stooping so low.

    OBAMA 08

    Hillary sit the f*ck down.

    Letting some woman with 20 year old rhetoric destroy your campaign is the ipiodmy of stupid. Hillary…you time is done!


    me’s donts likes hilary supporters

    me dont likes em at all…..

    *sniff sniff* i smell hilaryjuice on YOU

  • I'm Just Me

    which = with

  • K

    Obama and the Race Card

    March 13, 2008

    Is it just us, or does Barack Obama seem a mite too quick to play the race card when facing criticism from political opponents?

    In recent days, the Obama camp has been demanding an apology from Geraldine Ferraro, the former Vice Presidential candidate and current Hillary Clinton supporter who last week let slip that, “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

    Though Ms. Ferraro resigned from the Clinton campaign yesterday, her remarks reveal little more than a firm grasp of the obvious, even if she could have found a less artless way to express herself. There is no disputing that Mr. Obama’s skin color has been a political boon for him to date. And the suggestion that saying so aloud betrays racial animus implies that only the Illinois Senator can discuss the issue of race in regard to his candidacy.

    Back in January, the Obama campaign was on similarly shaky ground when it accused Mrs. Clinton of belittling Martin Luther King Jr. by stating that “it took a President” to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Mrs. Clinton was stating a fact, not slighting King, and the context in which she uttered the statement made that perfectly clear.

    We’re not suggesting that the Obama campaign has never been justified in crying foul over racially tinged remarks out of the Clinton camp. When Bill Clinton gratuitously invoked Jesse Jackson after Mr. Obama won the South Carolina primary, he was clearly trying to define the Senator’s victory in narrowly racial terms.

    But for all of Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric about the nation’s need for a post-racial politics that “brings the American people together,” his campaign at times has seemed overly sensitive about race. It also seems to want it both ways. Mr. Obama claims that his brand of politics transcends race, but at the same time he’s using race as a shield to shut down important and legitimate arguments.

    Already, prominent Obama sympathizers, such as Harvard’s Orlando Patterson, are detecting racial overtones where none exist. In a New York Times op-ed this week, Mr. Patterson said a Clinton political ad designed to question Mr. Obama’s readiness as Commander in Chief contained a “racist sub-message” because none of the people depicted in the TV spot are black. Counting people of color in an ad about national security is hardly consistent with the Obama theme that “race doesn’t matter.”

    We suppose some of the current back and forth is due to the diversity preoccupations of Democrats. But it bodes ill for an honest fall campaign if Mr. Obama and his allies are going to play the race card to blunt any criticism. A campaign in which John McCain couldn’t question Mr. Obama’s policies, experience and mettle without being called a racist is not what the country needs. Or wants.

    Democrats have repeatedly touted the diversity of their party’s White House hopefuls. And it is true that a Clinton or Obama Presidency would make gender or racial history. Americans of all backgrounds can take satisfaction in watching the country field its first black Presidential candidate with a chance to win. But voters also want their would-be Presidents properly vetted, by the media and by each other. To that end Mr. Obama would do better to focus more on answering his political critics with specifics and less on questioning their motives by crying wolf on race.

  • Abe Froman

    That’s my dog Keith…

    Ever since he was on ESPN, he’s been speaking the truth. But he went hard at the Clinton campaign on this one. They could get away with this 30 years ago, but in the age of the internet, tivo & youtube…you cant slip nothing past the american people.

    Whoop dat trick Keith….whoop dat trick.

  • Dr. Rainer

    Good Job Keith!!!

  • tony, Princeton, NJ

    Olberman always speaks the truth. What he forgot to mention is that Clinton’s ……”it takes a village to raise a child”….what she is doing is “burning down the village” for to get the nomination. That woman will split the Democratic party for her evil and vindictive means

  • you know

    Man, I saw this on tv last night. This man is so fired up. His face was turning red, he was spitting, the whole 9. I was like daaaaaaamn. He tore Hilary and Geraldine a new one. Apparently this isn’t the first time Geraldine has made remarks about someone’s race being the only reason they have made it or succeeded.

  • uptowngirl

    WOW!! Let the church say AMEN!!!

    And by the way Obama WON TEXAS!!! Don’t believe the hype.

    OBAMA 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plugg

    Watch the back door move. We will probably get the victim “Stand by your man” Hillary shortly. Now Obama has four fronts to side line him. Ferret, Billary, and Grandady Cain. This is coming from the Liberal party. “By any means necessary” Hillary standing at the Capital Hill window with the AK-47. If she can not be the first White Female President, she definitely will not let the first Black Male President precede her; wreck the whole party if that’s what it takes. Bill on the side singing “Me-n-my girlfriend” God bless the Dead.

  • Plugg


  • He's Presidential

    All I have to say is whoa… That was some passionate speaking there. He put the truth out. I don’t trust many of of these white anchor’s because you rarely get to see any color on the major networks, but he most definitely let them know what the dang deal is.

  • Shawn08

    Wow! Such Conviction!!! Way to go! Hillary needs to stop with the muslim, race thing… It is time to play fair Hillary. You’re truly dividing the party.

  • Plugg


    I feel ya, but this is Billary’s doing. Believe it or not they can not fathom the thought of losing the opportunity to be the first White Female President and they are willing to destroy whatever fragile unity that exist in the Party. Instead of saying Okay lets kill all this BS and focus on the issues, she insist on playing every dirty trick in the book. For instance, on the news this morning she made the comment that the there are only two options to the Florida and Michigan fiasco. Either except the results or redo the whole thing. Now this is after she and Obama agreed with the exclusion of the results since they broke the Party rules. Now Obama has not changed his stance on what was agreed upon, but now naturally he is seen as opposing the votes of the Floridi(ans) and Michigan(ers). Now tell me she didn’t plan for this just in case things got close. She was the only one on the ballot in Florida and Obama didn’t campaign in either place. Now that’s some Gangsta Sh*#%.

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