Kim Zolciak Would Like to Scrap NeNe Leaks All The Way Up

- By Bossip Staff

Kim is getting real out of pocket about NeNe. Kim went on record saying she would whoop her tail, if she had the time:

People write ‘Kim Zolciak sucks, Kim Zolciak is this,’ ” she says. “It’s like, really? Thank you for that comment. At least you’re putting my name out there.” Similarly, her fame hasn’t stifled any of Zolciak’s opinions about her fellow castmates — specifically her former best friend (now frenemy) NeNe Leakes. “I would love to get a hold of…… her ass,” she says, “but I don’t have time for her.” Still, she doesn’t wish her ill-will. “I don’t want to waste any kind of energy on her and what’s she doing,” Zolciak says. “I want her to be successful and rock on with herself.”

We don’t know how big Kim is, but after meeting NeNe, all 6′ of her,  we would put our money on her to fade Kim… easily.


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  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)


  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    She does look like a man no lie

  • Sissy

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  • Kia

    This bia has some contractual agreement courage. She knows that Nene aint fuggin with that Bravo check and house payments. If not for that, Kim n her wig woulda been Mollywopped all over Peacetree years ago. Big talk when you know that Nene can’t getcha til the Bravo checks stop coming in.

  • Bubbles

    If she doesn’t have time or energy to waste on her then why the hell is she even commenting on her? It’s not like she’s gonna get any Kool-Aid points for attempting to be hood. Besides, Nene would mop the floor with that ass.


    Puleeze! Nene will stomp a mudhole in that ass! Kim needs to get a life, seriously.

  • charlieblanko

    “I would love to get a hold of…… her ass,”

    @Lookey Here

    Where I am from, that means she wants to scrap.


  • Brianne

    Nene is a man, along with Wendy Williams.

  • Authoress Nina

    Whatever Kim is smokin’ crack, Nene will whoop her ass!

    What’s going on in Reality TV?

    Alexis Cohen, famed for her American Idol audition, killed in a hit and run on the Jersey shore

    Follow me on twitter AuthoressNina

  • Silken Dove

    Am I the only one who seen how she wanted to be NeNe’s friend again, after she realized that NeNe really wants to get in her a$$?

    Paying compliments, crying bringing up made up sob stories, damn this isn’t elementary…

    She should have gotten some balls by now in life whether you think you gon get yo a$$ beat or not. She obviously haven’t been hangin’ with nigg@s long enough.

  • tanya

    I think Kim shouldv’e been removed off the show. She is just a wannabe. I am tired of her. No one liked her after the first series she’s a home wrecker and it’s called the Housewives not Homewrecker. Even though they felt Deshawn was boring I think it wouldv’e been something positive to expose to the black audience instead of always giving us drama. We have enough drama in our own lives can we get some positive influence from the airwaves??? And throwing the white girl in there for rivalry is soo old enough!!!

  • ja nae nae

    Aight, Kim gone get her weave shanked just like Pumpkin and Newyork.

  • Return of the Black is Beautiful

    Why do everybody has to call NeNe a man? KIm looks more like a man than NeNe. The world really hates on a strong, opinionated black woman. Or maybe ya’ll just intimidated. At the end of the day, Nene has a husband and Kim is nothing but a professional mistress and wigger.

  • DJ Poo-berry

    @Return of the Black is Beautiful

    “Why do everybody has to call NeNe a man? KIm looks more like a man than NeNe.”

    Yeah, yeah, that’s right. That long, flowing hair and that sweet smile and those soft features *definitely* make her look like a man. Meanwhile, that scowling beast with the bowl cut and the vaseline on her lips and the angry scowl is just the girliest girl that I’ve ever seen.

    What are you, retarded?

  • Wanjiru®

    LOL @ “if she had the time” 🙂

    What, her schedule is not open?

    The hell does she do?

    Keep the laughs coming, Kim 🙂 You’re a RIOT!


  • http://bossip Daba

    Kim better stop letting her friends HYPE her up…Nene will stomp a mudhole in that girl!!!!(LOL!)

  • enkogkneegro

    Theres a betta chance of seeing a real scrap when the Housewives Of Compton airs…..



  • The real future Mrs. 6am

    Bye everyone, my baby says hi!

  • Playlist

    30 spot

  • Mr. Slagterhouse

    I dont know what’s worse, a tattoo artist spelling ‘slaughter’ incorrectly or a nationally known website with a percieved mainly minority fanbase that captions the spelling of ‘whte’ as opposed to ‘white’…

    “What’s wrong with this picture”


    Kim is a dumb b*tch. end of story. next…

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