Creepin’ in NYC: Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted in Same Hotel, May Violate Court Order

- By Bossip Staff

We have learned that Rihanna and Chris Brown checked into different rooms at NYC’s Trump International Hotel & Tower on Friday. The dysfunctional couple were seen using decoy vehicles to creep around in the city to prevent detection of paparazzi and the media.

The judge on the Chris Brown case ordered the punk to fall back and keep 50 feet away from Rihanna. Even with Rihanna’s consent, if he breaks this order, Chris Brown can end up in prison.

How long until Rihanna receives another beat down? If she gets beat to the white meat again, like she was a 9/11 terrorist in Guantanamo Bay, we think she may deserve it this time for stupidly creepin’ back with Chris.

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  • sweetie


  • sagemckenzie

    1st =) who cares

  • ree

    why does he continue to jeodardize himself???

  • Dictionary Of..

    give him a break. it was never a one-sided situation.

  • C. Ashley


  • BabeKaKes

    She can do so much better than him. Dont even know what she sees in him??? Maybe $$$, but she got that too. he’s too young and dumb for her. girl needs to get her a real African king that will treat her like a princess all day everyday. Stop fuc*ing with all these worthless American dudes RiRi!!

  • Sissy

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  • gmommy

    Got any proof? Paps pix? Cellphone pix?

  • Dirty Diana, Let Me Be!...♫

    We still don’t know what went down. As usual we know the media blew it out or proportion despite the photo of Rhianna.
    Oh well, it’s whatever.

  • Vanecity214

    I knew htey were still seeing each other

  • mickysweets

    maybe chris is not over her and he is following her around cause as far as i no rihanna was always stationed in NYC and chris was in LA. he is abussive and obsessive. get over it chris

  • gio

    I can believe it. They’re both young and dumb.

  • Vanecity214

    I don’t know why people are so hard on CB & Rihanna. Who are we to judge?


    I’m tired of everyone making Chris Brown out to be the bad guy. The dude was driving, she finds a text on his phone, she starts hitting him, grabs the wheel etc.. He DEFENDS himself, because her actions could have gotten them both killed. It takes two to tango, you can look at the chic and tell she’s a little off.

  • MrTavMarie

    50 years away from Rih-Rih??? I thought it was 50 feet or 50 yards. But for her sake, 50 years may seem suitable.

  • LeahLeah



  • yvonne

    Whatever! Wheres tha proof! if theres no pictures then its just a rumor.

  • http://Bossip ~Nicole~

    @ Tru_to_all
    “He DEFENDS himself”

    Please if that was the case, he could of just pulled over the car. Anyman that puts his hands on a woman is a punk. Chris did not defend his self he let out what was already in here, he beat her down until blood slpat. There is not that much anger in the world, Yes she was wrong if she hit him 1st and took his phone but at the same time a REAL MAN would of handled the situaion better and put her in check w/out using his hands…… RiRi is not the 1st and she will not be the last until he get some serious help.

    @ Woman, I wish you would stop faking…… you know how it would feel if the love of your life was cheating on you and you been putting up w/alot of bull. Imagine how it would feel if you were in the car and your man is texting the chick that he has been cheating on you with. Us women put up with hell from these men, verbal, mental, and physical abuse along w/cheating………………. LETS BE REAL (people do reach their boiling point)

    I’m sick of ppl justifying reasons for a man putting his hands on a woman! At the end of the day, if a man puts his hands on a woman (unless shes truly trying to kill him) HE IS A PUNK…..A REAL MAN WOULD NOT DO SUCH.


  • Mileka

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  • SimplyFabulous

    Stop making Rihanna the victim she f*ckin started the whole damn thing CB jus probably had enough of her bs. Someone left this comment about Chris’s apology on a different website n this is sumthin I totally agree with:

    This leaves apology leaves me with even more questions; what happened in that car? What made him ‘loose control?’ Obviously it’s something Rhianna did that made him ‘loose control.’

    TMZ leaked part of her SIGNED statement: Rhianna was VERY AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS CHRIS, PUNCHING AND HITTING HIM after she read a text message on HIS cell phone! Does Chris apologize for getting hit with that cell phone, upside HIS head, WHILE DRIVING and NOT CRASHING? Does he have to apologize for hitting the breaks and her hitting HER head on the dashboard causing the bruising now seen in that infamous Feb 8th picture? Does he apologize for pulling over and opening up her door and asking her to get out?

    Does HE apologize for Rhianna who sold THAT Feb 8th picture to TMZ? Does he apologize for her behavior/actions when she smashed a glass bottle upside her brother’s head sending him to the hospital? Does he apologize for HER hitting HIM in Europe and in Barbados?

    When will Rhianna take responsibility for HER part for THAT Feb 8th evening? Do we want our daughters to now know that it’s kool to hit a man/boy when they get jealous or angry?

    By us NOT wanting to know Rhianna’s part in “Feb 8th”, we’ve kept the cycle of violence unbroken – what fools we are! We’ve, all of us, just gorged ourselves on that TMZKoolaid! We’ve not condemned our sons to the role of villains and our daughters victims – DESERVED OR NOT!

    So now, we’re left with this…apology, an apology for not being able to take a beating is what it all amounts to! Hopefully any and all who read this will not have sons or young men who find themselves in this position! Young men who get beat on, who defend themselves/try to subdue his attacker, only to find condemnation, persecution, and emasculation!

  • asdf

    Why can’t America leave these two ALONE. Chris plead guilty. It’s a LIE that once you hit someone you will do it again. The domestic violence stats prove that a lie, And so many A list celebs beat their mates and didn’t even get charged-Jack Nicholson,Sean Penn,Charlie Sheen and more. But Chris did, he owned up and what else does mainstream American want from this kid???aND stop using OJ and Ike Turner for examples when yuo have a much longer list of white males that I listed above. These two kids can be 50 yards apart in a New York hotel. And Chris was there to go to his record label’s headquarters. And to shoot the cover for his new album. So GET OUT OF THEIR LIVES !!!!Get one of your own or at least report unbiased news.

  • Whatever

    That is their business. It’s not like we ever thought they weren’t seeing each other. Ain’t nobody stupid.

  • Mileka

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  • Amber

    AHAHAHA…..I knew Chris would eventually violate the terms of his parole.

    Don’t drop the soap Chris!!!!!!!!!!

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