Journalist Shaun King Flagged On Facebook For Receiving Hate Mail

Facebook Shuts Shaun King Down Over Racist Isht He Didn’t Even Say

- By Bossip Staff

Daily News Columnist Shaun King Suspended From Facebook For Sharing Hate Mail

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Despite all types of requests for receipts and changes in the ways he profits from Black pain, Shaun King is still out here tryna prove he’s down for the people. Unfortunately, this latest attempt didn’t go as planned, according to CBS News.

“Every day I get as many — 50 or more sometimes — overtly racist emails. I even get mail now at the New York Daily News office … ‘Silence of the Lambs’ weird stuff,” said King.

“Sometimes I’ll take a screen shot of one of these ugly things and post it.”

On Friday morning, King took a screen shot of an email he received that used both the f- and n-words, and posted it on Twitter and Facebook saying this is the type of ugliness he gets “every day all day.”

A few hours later when he went to Facebook, King says he had been logged out. When he logged back in he got a message saying he had been suspended from posting for 24 hours.

“I am constantly harassed on Facebook and Twitter. … I don’t know if these people have been blocked. The policy is not clear to me.”

“I accept that Facebook and every other social media platform is trying hard how to monitor and censor the ugliness that goes on,” King said. “If the policy is we don’t allow hate speech and people to be harassed, I say great – delete it. But don’t ban people.”

King noted that it was odd that his Facebook post was blocked because the offensive language was in a screen grab, rather than a typed message. Which means, if the censoring was automatic, there would have had to be some sort of visual recognition program to read the words off the image.

Poor thang. But wait: Facebook is blocking people from words in pictures now? What part of the game is that?



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