Jesus Take the Wheel: Woman Claims the Devil Made Her Kill Her Son

- By Bossip Staff

A San Antonio woman has claimed responsibility for what police are calling the most gruesome child killing in recent history.

 Otty Sanchez  informed police that she was “hearing voices” and that the devil made her kill her infant son, Scott Wesley Buchholtz Sanchez who she just gave birth to on June 30.  The boy’s body was found stabbed, decapitated and mutilated early Sunday.  According to police, Sanchez skinned the baby with a kitchen knife, then she stabbed herself several times in the abdomen. 

 She was taken to University Hospital where she rested in stable condition and was later charged on Sunday night with capital murder.

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  • ItIZI


  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 4 days

    OH MY GOD! That is SO sad!

  • Nik

    I tell people over and over and over – MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL!!!! WHen people say they are crazy, believe them and go get them some help. I am 100% positive people that knew her knew she was crazy all this time.

  • melo

    Dear God…that’s horrible…so many insane ppl living sane lives…so so sad

  • LeahLeah

    Put her in a man’s prison…


    This is so sad.

    Why so much Police tape?

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Jesus…really skinned her baby? That is so gruesome to think about.

  • Angee

    What a sad story!

  • Tony Octane

    These people out here are crazy.

  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 4 days

    @Nikki Underwood

    So they can get renewed budget money from the government.

  • medievalpoetry

    If you don’t believe in god, you wouldn’t believe in the devil either. Everybody should embrace atheism.

  • too cute

    sad,she may have had postpartum depression,or is it that we are just living in end times,jesus has a hold on people and the devil can do the same

  • IC that 2

    Post Pardum is real & serious and without good health care(post-pregnancy), conditions like this go undetected and I beat no one cared to pay attention to her craziness because “Thats none of my business”. NOw a women is imprisoned and a child dead.

  • dopest_chick

    Oh my goodness. So so sad 😦

  • IC that 2


  • The New-New Whitey


  • http://! I CAN'T SAY....

    While this is truly sad for the loss of an innocent child, sometime I can kill my son!! The boy just dont use his damn head!!

  • ThAtLaDy22

    There are so many ppl out there who try to have/want babies…and this chick says that she heard voices…then skinned the baby….whoa.

  • Kami All Day

    I think someone should start interviewing people BEFORE they have kids. Similar to what they do when you want to adopt a child.

    Come into your home, see how you live. Monitor your environment, etc….all for the safety of that child you are bringing into this world.

    Not everyone was made to procreate and have children. Just because you have the reproductive organs to make it happen does NOT mean you will be a good mother or father. Your mental stability is thee most important when raising a child.

    So sad, this story is. SMH

    I cant even fathom the crime scene. If I were the forsenic personnel on call to investigate this crime scene, I think I’d be putting in my resignation letter asap. THIS is WAY too much, and I would not be able to sleep at night.

  • Kami All Day

    And what kills me is that people always use the excuse “the devil made me do it”.

    But RARELY do I EVER hear..”God made me do it”, when doing a good deed.

    Giving the devil WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much credit.

  • Kami All Day


  • Kami All Day

    It also sounds like she was schizophrenic.

  • babygrl88

    2 Tim 3:1-5

  • Glok9n: Lev 20:13


  • Kami All Day


    Nah. I want to have something to believe in. I want to believe that there IS something better than what we are living in now.

    That is what keeps people moving…

    You can NOT believe in God if you choose to do so. But when something tragic happens in yor life, please refrain from calling out His name.

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