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Masika Kalysha Talks Motherhood, New Music, And Makeup Line

Even though Masika Kalysha has A LOT to say about Fetty Wap’s fatherhood style, the reality star is keeping things positive when it comes to juggling single motherhood, a music career, and a new business venture. We caught up with Masika to talk more about her transition from being carefree and childless, to being thrust into a public paternity fiasco with a popular rapper and how she’s faring now that the dust has begun to settle on a pretty tumultuous 2016.

Now you took a break from “Love & Hip Hop” for a while. What has it been like getting back into the swing of being on reality television and exposing the intimate details of your life to the world?

Well it was very different this time around. The first year I didn’t know what to expect, which is partially why I took a hiatus the second year. I took a lot of things personal at first — the way people perceive you is just disheartening. During the year I decided not to do it, I learned so much, and now I just don’t really give a sh*t about what people say or what they think. At the end of the day, we’re sharing tiny pieces of our lives. If that’s what people want to take and run with, then run with it while I make my money.

You mentioned the show only showing a little snippet of what your life is…do you feel like the show has accurately portrayed what you went through during your pregnancy thus far?

Yes and no. I think that it’s a pretty good general update of where my life is and where it has been. However I try to be very careful and very respectful of my daughter’s privacy. So the ONLY things that I address this season are the tweets already posted by Fetty and by myself and the headlines that have already been posted. I address those things because they’re already public knowledge, and I clear them up. But there are so many other things that I have not said and I will not say, because at the end of the day me proving my point or trying to say who is right or wrong could affect my daughter in the future. I bite my tongue, for the most part.

So where do things stand between you, Fetty, and baby Khari?

He hasn’t seen her since her two week checkup. The issue I believe he’s having is he’s used to all the women in his life doing what he says when he says, and sitting and waiting for him to come and do whatever — and I don’t. If he says something and doesn’t stick to it, I get mad, and he gets mad that I’m mad. So I feel like his priorities aren’t in the right place, just him being young. There’s absolutely nothing in the world that should keep a parent away from their child. I think what he does is to try to make me upset, but in the long run she’s the one that’s affected.

So your new song, “My Own,” deals with this situation a bit, right?

I have an EP filled with records to kind of color the journey that I went through. I think this song is a really big anthem for women. I can’t even express to you the messages I’ve received from women all over the world — from New Zealand, to Africa, to Compton, you name it. There are women coming to me saying they were contemplating suicide until they saw my story, or they were going to get an abortion until they saw my story — thanking me for showing a public face that’s actually being honest, because so many women go through this. In my industry, it’s taboo. You don’t talk about it. So many women leave and come back with a whole kid and you don’t know what happened because they’re ashamed of it. I just decided to live it out loud.

This song is basically saying to women that you CAN do it by yourself. No matter what, don’t let a man break you because you have the strength within yourself. I strongly believe that God created women to have babies because he knew we could handle it. If it were up to a man to have a baby the world would be over.

“My Own” is available HERE, and everywhere else digital music is sold. Take a listen:

How has the transition to motherhood been?

Oh, God, It’s been so difficult! It’s really taught me patience, and I’ve never had patience. I always do things how I want, when I want, I don’t really care if someone else doesn’t like it, I just do what I want. Now it’s what she wants, and how she feels. She comes first. So I had to put a lot of things on the backburner…I’m still trying to find a balance between being the best mother and staying on track in the basic aspect of things I have to do.

So you also have a makeup line on the way too. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! My makeup line is called Khari Barbie Beauty, and one thing I really wanted to focus on was showing my daughter the example that she can be independent and work for herself. I feel like in the Black community, we don’t really focus on being business owners and our parents don’t really teach us to be independent. We’re mainly taught “you go to school, you get good grades, and you get a good job.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but one thing I’ve learned is that if you don’t follow your dreams, you’ll end up working for someone who follows theirs. And that’s absolutely fine — but for me and my family, I always want to create multiple sources of income and revenue. So this is something I wanted to do that she could have and build her empire. Even from the time before she was born.

Everybody has a beauty line. But I think the thing that’s cool about mine is it’s vegan, no parabens, no animal testing. A lot of times when you have a product like that, it compromises the quality. So I really wanted to spend time with lab and researchers to find a product that was not only quality, but good for the environment and not bad for your skin, and colors that fit all different skin tones and not just a pale person.

It’s going to be a full line, but I am funding this by myself, so we’re starting with the lips now — lip liners, lipsticks, matte liquid lipsticks, vitamin e stick, exfoliaters.

So what’s next for you outside of the show?

The big thing for me is I’m back to auditioning with my agency and getting my body back together. Thankfully naturally I’ve had a snapback, but we still gotta get it tight and get it right. So you’re just going to see my journey navigating through motherhood and working and trying to find a balance. It is very difficult, but I think I make it work and do a good job of it.

One thing I’m about to do on my vlog channel is a series for single mothers. I get so many messages from women [in similar situations] that it would be crazy not to. I feel like I was put on this platform by accident, but I’m going to do the best I can with it.

Good for Masika, right? Are you feeling her new single?




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