What Happens When Your Tattoo Artist F*cks Up?

- By Bossip Staff

Crooked I, who is a member of the group ‘Slaughterhouse’, hired a tattoo artist who we will just say wasn’t  interested in participating in the elementary school or junior high spelling bee competition. Go under the hood to see what happened

Images via AHH

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  • crazysexycool


  • MrTavMarie


  • facefacts

    well you both look stupid den cuz he supposed to draw before actually doing it duh!!! jailhouse tats…lol thats what u get 😀

  • Mr. First


  • Angee

    Lol! Damn!

  • mz.cee ♥

    Thats what you get, putting all them ignant tat’s on yo skin!

  • Pseudo-Baby-Hair

    Maybe it’s too early in the morning for me, but I have no idea what that says….

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    Thats what he gets.

  • http://bossip TexasMan


  • nobody cares

    that’s a complete “L” for life

  • ja nae nae

    Well.. he can always magic marker out the … hell i cant even read tht shit

  • http://1500bytoday.com 1500bytoday.com

    Didnt he get to verify the drawing?

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  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    He told him dude I think that I ran out of room and ink for the H. He said go ahead and finish it anyway. I know a dude who has a tatoo that say’s Jesus paid the prise for all. I wanted to say to him “do you know that prise is actually spelled price DUH! But since he was so proud of it, I just wallowed in my silence. lol

  • http://www.lilwaynehq.com LilWayneHQ

    @Pseudo-Baby-Hair – It says “Slaugter” instead of “Slaughter” 😆

  • Holy shyt!!!!

    I mean your saying pop the hood for more details but your not explaining what really happened and I can”t read that shyt on his arm!!!! This was a waste of time!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 L bka Mrs. Philly-(6am's one and only...I will FIGHT for mines!! LOL )

    Was he NOT paying attention???

  • http://jamison.g1@gmail.com Mr. Slagterhouse

    Jeez…maybe that same guy built my american car… with no f’n brakes installed!

    (It’s cool, the guy at Ford just said they were trying to make sure I’d get to work faster).

  • cruzan trini

    @ Holy shyt!!!

    it says “SLAUGTER”

  • justme

    There wasn’t enough room for the H!!!

  • Jade Silver

    Must have not done well in the Spelling Bee. LMAO!

  • hamburger pimp

    thats why i stress the importance of being educated, first then be a thug. Cmon Crooked, what was you sleep when he did it? Youre a mc supposed to be nice with words. I dont blame the artist because he look Mexican. probably habla espanol.


    I have a tat…I was looking at the tat and artist when I was getting it done…did this dude fall asleep? Why didnt he stop him like:

    “Aye my dude…blah…blah..”

  • mydixiewrecked

    Helio Phone – $30

    Steve & Barry shorts – $7

    Receiving a tattoo from an illiterate – Priceless

  • Patrick

    for those who can’t see it, it says SLAUGTER, haha.


    Ewww what’s that on his shirt? He is a slob!!

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