Twitter reacts strongly and angrily to the killing of Terence Crutcher

#BlackLivesMatter: The Assassination Of #TerenceCrutcher Sparks Another Round Of Exhausting Outrage

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Twitter Reacts To The Video Of Tulsa Police Unjustly Killing Terence Crutcher

Here we go again. Another day. Another example of egregious police violence against black people. Another hashtag. #TerenceCrutcher

The unjust killing of Terence Crutcher makes our blood boil, our stomachs turn, our eyes cry, and our resolve stronger.

We’re f**king tired of this s#!t and sadly, Twitter is a place that we can commiserate as a community when we have to mourn one of our brothers or sisters.

Flip the page to see some of the strongest and most poignant 140-character reactions to yet another soul-draining shooting.

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On the following pages, you’ll find a curious list of “outspoken” (see, “mislead” or “all-lives-matter-y) athletes that haven’t uttered a mumbling word about Terence Crutcher.






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