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David Simon Slammed For Using “N-Word” On Twitter To Mock Donald Trump And Sean Hannity

Listen, The Wire is largely considered one of, if not THE, best TV drama ever created. People of all races enjoyed the interwoven tales of drug dealing and violence on the streets of Baltimore. However, a big part of show’s success was the enthusiasm the black community showed for the characters we came to love. Stringer, Avon, Omar, Michael, Snoop, Chris, Marlo, Bunk, and so many others.

Which makes it that much more disheartening that the show’s creator, David Simon, would freely use the n-word (even in a mocking fashion), then defend it when he’s called out for it.


In an attempt to send sarcastic shots at Donald Trump and Sean Hannity, Simon stepped on a land mine and played himself as DJ Khaled has warned against so incessantly over the past year.

Not only did Simon use the word, he defended his use of the word as if we are SUPPOSED to let him slide!

Flip the page to see his “defense”…

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