Are You Smokin’ On Purp’ During Pregnancy? You Know, For Morning Sickness…

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…The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists still recommend that women abstain from marijuana use because some data has show that children who were exposed to marijuana in utero had lower scores on tests of visual problem solving, visual-motor coordination, and visual analysis than children who were not exposed to marijuana. In a recent study called Maternal Marijuana Use and Adverse Neonatal Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis two researchers extracted data from 21 studies about the affects of marijuana during pregnancy. They found that marijuana during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of low birth weight and preterm delivery however they admit that other factors like tobacco use could have contributed to those results. But then there is also research that shows marijuana use may have had a positive affect. A study done in 1994 in Jamaica by Dr. Melanie Dreher, who currently sits on the Chicago Board of Health looked at pregnant mothers before and after delivery.

Go Ahead And Throw That Away: Study Says Five-Second Rule About Food On The Floor Is Untrue And Unhealthy

The two-year study, “Is the Five-Second Rule Real?” appeared in the American Society for Microbiology’s journal, Applied and Environmental Microbiology. And while earlier studies gave the impression that food picked up a few seconds after hitting the floor was in better shape than treats that had been there for longer, lead food microbiologist Donald W. Schaffner found that even the shortest contact times could yield quite a few encounters with bacteria…. Schaffner found that it’s true that food that sits on the ground longer comes into contact with more bacteria. However, if food hits the ground for any amount of time, it can’t escape some form of contamination. As he stated, “Bacteria can contaminate instantaneously.”

Gucci Mane Lands Book Deal With Simon & Schuster For Autobiography

…Finally off house arrest, Guwop hit NYC and in a sit down with Hot 97 revealed he just landed a book deal. The interview, conducted by Funkmaster Flex, was very informative, with Gucci discussing how he lost 80 pounds in the bing, his plans to never go back to jail, signing Migos and Young Thug, and whether or not he’s spoken to Nicki Minaj and Waka Flocka Flame. Noting his turnaround was amazing and could be a book, La Flare confirmed that’s actually in the works. “I just did a book deal with Simon & Schuster,” revealed Gucci. “It should be coming out top of next year. I did a whole autobiography. I wrote it while I was locked up. I just got a pub deal for it…not even a week ago.” He added, “I’m a comeback story.”

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