#BlackLivesMatter: Baltimore Police Beat 21-Year-Old Tawon Boyd To Death For Allegedly “Resisting” Arrest

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Tawon Boyd Dies After Baltimore Police Viciously Beat Him For Allegedly “Resisting”

As if this week hasn’t been tragic enough, now we have ANOTHER hashtag…in the same city that gave birth to Freddie Gray no less…


Police were called at 3:09 a.m. Sunday to the unit block of Akin Circle in the Middle River area on a report of a disturbance. A man and a woman could be heard screaming at each other on 911 calls, and officers found the same situation when they arrive, police said.

The woman told police officers that her boyfriend, identified as Tawon Boyd, 21, had been acting “crazy,” and according to police reports, he had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Boyd told arriving police he believed that an intruder was in the home, saying, “There is someone in the house. You need to go inside and search,” according to the report.

Police said the man appeared confused and paranoid, sweating heavily, and when police attempted to talk him and calm him down, he ran to multiple marked police cars and tried to get inside. He also began banging on neighbors’ doors and yelling, “Help. Call the police,” according to a police report obtained by 11 News.

If Tawon was so “crazy” it sounds like he needed the assistance of a medical professional, not a nightstick…

Police said it was “obvious” that “Boyd was under the influence of a narcotic and/or suffering and needed to be taken to the hospital for an emergency evaluation.”

Boyd refused to obey police orders and engaged officers in a physical struggle, according to the police report.

According to the police report, Boyd continued to push, kick and flail at officers, even after police forced him to the ground. Officers were eventually able to handcuff Boyd and put flex cuffs on his legs to restrain him. Police said the “violent resisting” lasted about five minutes.

Racists and willfully ignorant white folks will say “He should have complied!”, but GTFOHWTBS!

According to the police report, Boyd continued to try to break free of his restraints even as four officers held him down. One of the medics administered a medication to try to calm Boyd down so he could be taken to the hospital, according to the police report. The exact medication was redacted from the police report.

Boyd immediately became less tense after receiving the medication and stopped trying to push himself off the ground, so police released their grip of him, according to the police report.

Police said Boyd became so calm that officers asked a medic to check him for a pulse. An officer checked and found a pulse on Boyd, “and we could clearly see that he was still breathing,” according to the police report.

From here, Boyd was transported to a local hospital, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, where he died today.

The cops JUST brought a TERRORIST to justice in NYC without a single bullet in him or life-threatening injury!


R.I.P. Tawon Boyd.

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