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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are Salt n Pepa on the cover of the March 24th issue of Jet magazine.  The ladies look lovely, and they did a good job airbrushing Pep’s knifed up nose.

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  • Dominique

    I like their reality t.v show

  • Shonna Gayle

    Where’s spin? Second!!!

  • Latisha

    I was wondering did she get NOSE JOB. IT LOOKS A LITTLE LIL KIMISH..LOL

  • what??????????

    Salt in is a dime but Pepa is a little on the tranny side.

  • MovieWatcher

    It is good seeing them together again.

  • Rotex

    Yea i like their show

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Salt is salty just like my butt hole. She’s wack. Pepa’s wack and I hope they read this! Sit ya’ll OLD wack asses DOWN!! Like right NOW!

  • Beantown_Mami

    Pepa has gone way too far with the nose job and she is starting to look borderline tranny


    I love Salt. Keep it real, and I love your family.

    Do the thang. I hope they read this.

    Pep, you need to settle down. You remind me of that fast, hot auntie that everbody has, who lives in her past hay days and want act or dress her age. Love ya, but grow up.

  • and another one..

    Love Salt n Pepa they look stunning

  • justme

    fyi both their noses are knifed up, as for Pep she had a little more work done. i like their show though its interesting! they are both pretty

  • Donna8604

    They look wonderful! These are some women who have gotten better looking with age. So what, if Pep got work done, and as far as I know it was just her nose–which I saw nothing wrong with.

  • K-ten

    i love their show!!

  • B

    Aww, I’m proud of them they look so good on this cover. Go head SNP. I love me some SNP, since PUSH IT-I was 4 but I liked the song.

  • The SchoLar

    They are both good looking women besides peps wide upper body… Wats up wit dat??

  • memchee

    pepa didn’t even need no surgery.

  • Once upon a time...

    They both look great – yeah yeah I know they are airbrushed but still. One question…why is Salts head twice as big as Pepa’s?

  • Keif K

    they still look good


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  • Sharpton's Perm

    A+ t the artist that put this phototogether… i can actually look at Pep without my balls running and hiding.

    Salt look good as always.

    Yo Pep, lose the nose and the wig.

    In fact, Everybody need to lose their damn wigs/weaves. You ain’t fooling nobody. Black is beautiful, baby.

  • Comeonyall

    I see Salt took that weave out of her head. They both look nice.

  • angry azz black woman

    their noses look fine but pep overdid the weave..although she looks nice

  • I'm Just Me

    I love Salt and Pepa…

    She looks different.

  • I'm Just Me

    * She = Pepa

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  • Joadan

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