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Mr. Money Mayweather himself was spotted in Vegas making it rain on Chilli:

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., on a shoe-buying spree Wednesday for gal pal Rozonda Thomas, best known as “Chilli” of the R&B group TLC. Mayweather bought her nine pairs of shoes at the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique inside the Forum Shops at Caesars. The tab came to $4,600.



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  • Ms_Buttaflyy

    1st……..Chili still looks good. What she like 40?

  • press

    A couple of days ago I saw her profile with nice pics on (rich kiss dot com). It’s a professional site. She has pics, blog and friend circle there. And more she’s popular there. It seems she’s very serious there.

  • This means TJ Holmes is free!

    I’d heard that Chilli was dating fine ass TJ Holmes from CNN weekend. So let her be with floyd this means TJ is still single

  • Bronx Brawler

    Floyd is my dude, but son stop tricking so much paper hahaha.

  • bree

    lmao HOTSTUFF! Tameka probably dragging Usher to the store RIGHT now!

    Chilli is a very pretty gal..but when will she stop with the baby hair? she hasn’t been ten in damn near 30 yrs

  • Grace

    I thought TJ Holmes was married? Chilli is beautiful. She has that beautiful African/middle eastern skin that don’t crack too much before 50. You can’t buy that type of skin. Chilli and Gabby have the best skin.

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    yall made it sound like he drop major cash… i mean for the money he makin only $4900.. plz.. i hope not expectin anythin but a thank you for that lol lol

  • JRiddles

    bree, LMAO @ the baby hair…It’s naturally like that. Give her a break. LOL

  • Don King

    Floyd is a baller who can do that. Not news. He prolly ain’t even hitting it. Which is also cool cuz when you ballin like Money Mayweather, sheeeet!!!!

  • $moK.E.Y.




  • homie

    I’ve always liked Chilli. She just seems like a nice girl. Usher was just being a man, when they broke up, i’m mad they couldn’t past that minor or major situation. Floyd seems like the kinda guy that would treat his woman right. Good for them!!

  • I'm Just Me

    I guess she still have $$ trouble after that bancruptcy thing from years back.

    She is pretty though.

  • soulwoman

    I miss TLC. If Chilli got guys making it rain on her, thumbs up!

  • bree


    LOL, i know she has nice hair texture..it doesn’t matter how she combs her hair, she ALWAYS has to slick the ‘baby’ hair

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    They’d better be just friends, ’cause with May’s chips, he’s certainly entitled to be splittin’ a whole ‘nother level o’ kitty. Chilli’s safe, but she ain’t big time…

  • tj

    So basically like every other gay black man he is a huge fan of TLC.

    Is 50 jealous? Is Raz B? Is Omarion?

    I know I am. He can make it rain over here all day.

  • num1dominicano


    BTW, there’s another post about Dania Ramirez…go do ur thing


    hit it already champ

  • JRiddles

    bree…do u think she uses a toothbrush and brown gel or clear gel? lol

  • bree


    LMFAO!..the toothbrush w/ clear gel..i NEVER see any residue!

  • JRiddles

    LOl bree…my best friend has that kind of hair…clear gel all the way.

    But I left a comment about them roots earlier. Is it just me?

  • JRiddles


  • NotoriousOne

    Money Man got off easy cause one pair of shoes at Jimmy Choo’s right around the corner from my job STARTS @ like $4,600!! LOL

  • NotoriousOne

    @ ~*~IslandNik~*~…

    “yall made it sound like he drop major cash… i mean for the money he makin only $4900.. plz.. i hope not expectin anythin but a thank you for that lol lol”

    You ain’t lying!! Some of the women’s shoe prices I’ve seen in the NYC give brah man the dizzies! I don’t know how women spend that much dough on shoes!!

  • Mechelle

    No matter where you see Chilli she always looks good. How old is she now like 100? She has not aged a bit.

  • # 1

    They are a cute couple. Make it work Mayweather!

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