Baltimore Elementary School Replaces Detention With Meditation

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Upworthy featured Robert W. Coleman Elementary School on their site, shedding light on their newly-minted Mindful Moment Room a bright and peaceful space that replaces the bland traditional detention rooms. According to the site, “the room looks nothing like your standard windowless detention room. Instead, it’s filled with lamps, decorations, and plush purple pillows.” During the sessions, kids are encouraged to sit in the room, practicing meditation and breathing exercises, with the goal of helping them calm down and re-center. In addition, professionals join them to help them analyze their behavior and talk through what happened… One study suggested that “mindful meditation could give practicing soldiers a kind of mental armor against disruptive emotions, and it can improve memory too.” Another also suggested it could “improve a person’s attention span and focus.”

Serious Question: Has A Toxic Work Environment Ever Made You Sick?

Black woman really upset
…“You just need to play the game, or else maybe you do not belong here.’” That was Apple’s HR response to Hannah who was interviewed by MIC about Apple’s alleged hostile environment. Hannah filed a complaint with HR after a male employee sexually harassed her: “Hannah reported him to human resources and was told it had been addressed, but no one from HR would tell her what, specifically, they had done to resolve her issue,” MIC reports. “I felt like they were brushing me aside. They would ignore me if I saw them in the hallway. It was a very toxic environment,” Hannah shared. After submitting what she thought was an anonymous peer review on the male coworker, Hannah learned that he found out about her review and inevitably began to treat her more negatively. A few weeks after the peer review was submitted, Hannah’s harasser was promoted.Other Apple employees complained about their mental and overall health being compromised once they began their careers at the tech cooperation.

Walmart Workers Face Termination After Refusing To Make “Blue Lives Matter” Cake

“Ain’t no cake, bih.” Three Walmart employees are in trouble after refusing to make a “Blue Lives Matter” cake for a woman celebrating her father’s retirement from the police force. The three individuals work at a Walmart in McDonough, Ga. which sits about 30 south of Atlanta. Fox News reports that a woman came to the store to get the obviously offensive “Blue Lives Matter” cake made for a retirement party for her cop dad. The three employees reportedly refused to make the cake and called the gesture “racist.” According to the woman ordering the cake, she says the employees said that they did not feel comfortable making the cake and asked her to go to another bakery. A manager then got involved and offered to not only make the cake for her anyway, but also gave her a $50 gift certificate. This was the result and woman and her ugly cake left the store.

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