Gladys Knight's Son Refuses To Remove Her Name From Restaurants

Gladys Knight’s Son Refuses To Remove Her Name From His ATL Restaurants, Saying She “Lacks Mental Capacity” To Back Out

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Gladys Knight’s Son Refuses To Remove Her Name From Restaurants

Things have turned ugly in Gladys Knight’s case against her son’s restaurant that’s been famously using her name for years. After the restaurant has faced raids for over $1 million in shady activity, she wants her name removed. But her son is not having it. Via MailOnline:

Gladys Knight’s son is refusing to remove her name from his Atlanta restaurant chain – because he claims in new court papers – she lacks the ‘mental capacity’ to rescind the licensing deal.

Soul singer Knight had ordered her son, Shanga Hankerson, to remove her name from his Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles outlets after he was accused of stealing from the business.

But the battle between The Midnight Train To Georgia singer and her son has turned even nastier, as Hankerson has now moved to block his mother removing her name from the business.

The court documents, filed Thursday and seen exclusively by, say ‘Plaintiff’s claims are barred, in whole or in part, [sic] lack of mental capacity to rescind the license agreement granted to Defendants.’

Knight, known as ‘The Empress of Soul’ has no role in the business and only allowed her son to use her name under a licensing deal.

But the arrangement has soured since the Department of Revenue accused Hankerson of theft and tax evasion in June.

Federal agents raided three of the restaurants in Georgia and shut down operations.

SMH! Man, you would think that he would let things go…or at LEAST not try to make it sound like his mother is senile. Bottom line — HIS business venture is getting raided. His mother did him a favor by allowing him to tack her name onto it…you would at least think he could do her the favor of taking her name off when isht went left…




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