Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Christina Milian

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Christina Milian attended the grand opening of the DCMA store with her leather/pleather S&M goth swag in full effect.

Images via Splash

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  • erica

    it is a bit much.

  • keely

    i have these pants in silver…and i always get compliments when i wear them…do you christina you look fierce!

  • Shonna Gayle

    Don’t like the fit or the tramp stamp…sorry.

  • what??????????

    Now she startin look a little desperate for attention. Damn will somebody please give this chick some work pleeaase!

  • Latisha


  • serene

    when she gets a job, she’ll be relevant to me

  • Siren

    she looks good. loving the leather

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Besides my face that’s the tackiest thing I’ve seen all 37yrs of my life!

    She needs some anal sex.. Puff help her out man!

  • Bronx Brawler


  • Beantown_Mami

    She is so not relevant…Who is taking pictures of her and Why???

  • jo

    That outfit is ugggly. Christina has a nice body and this leather getup does nothin for it. @Beantown I always wonder the same thing.


    Christain, you definitely need a Reading…..

    I think the outfit is nice for something that her man should enjoy only.


  • justme

    hell no wack unless ur Cat woman, yuck! she is not doing anything these days exept being photographed! she is pretty but that can only take u so far! and in my book she has hit the finish line! GET A JOB!!!!! ASAP

  • Donna8604

    In other pics its cute but these pics got her from an akward angle.

  • K-ten

    she looks like a garbage bag.

  • LOLA

    I like the leather top, but me no likey the pants. They are ill-fitting. Don’t like the shoes with the pants either.

  • Kai

    No,No, and NO!!!!!!!!!

  • light eyes for the suspect guys!

    lol this is so sad cause she should have “made it”…she just never “grew up” with her look and has continuously hung out with entertainments wackest crews…Ja Rule and Ashanti to Fat Joe and Rick Ross…

  • The SchoLar

    The Top would go well with a pair of skinny jeans instead of skinny pleather. But i Say NO no NO to this outfit!!

  • statim08

    She still ain’t pulling it off. Next.

  • Keif K

    she cute


    Hot new music @

  • material girl

    I would like to know what kind of outfit she’s wearing & where can i find it?????

  • CKJeter

    She’s Right.

  • Zina {The original princess}

    Too lolita to me.

  • Elle

    She trying to hard. Oh Christina I used to like the chick Dip It Low was hot!

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