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Kardashians Planned Chyna-Free Shower Over Rob Kardashian Breakup

Remember last night when Rob Kardashian randomly aired out Kylie’s personal phone number and trashed his family for planning a baby-shower — with NO baby mama involvement?

As always with the Kardashians, the plot thickens today. Sources close to the fam are insisting that Kylie spearheaded the baby shower effort for big brother Rob…but left Chyna out because they’re not even a couple right now.

According to TMZ, Rob & Chyna have been broken up for months — barely even speaking to one another except the odd convo about her pregnancy’s progress. The closest they’ve been is a dinner the two had the night before their show’s big premiere…but other than that, they don’t really deal with each other much.


Their inside source says Kylie thought she was doing Rob a solid by planning separate his and hers baby showers, in an effort to keep tensions low. Even CHYNA agreed that separate showers would work best at the moment.

However, Rob was apparently kept in the dark about the shower arrangements, and got PISSED when he found out his sisters cut his child’s mother out of any festivities for the baby. There definitely must still be some love there on his part…he sure sounded defensive when he popped up on our Instagram account clapping back at a critic who had something slick to say about his outburst against his fam:


Hmmm…do you think this is the case? Are Rob and Chyna really broken up and playing games…or is this just a save-face story the Kardashian clan is pushing out to make Rob look irrational and immature??




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