Are You Feeling This Steez… Estelle Isn’t?

- By Bossip Staff

We know you are thinking it was drizzling out in NYC seeing Rihanna with a rag and all to keep the moisture out, right; wrong. It’s a trendy lil cap. Pop the top to see the back of her dome and to see the backhand Estelle gave her on her twitter as well.

Talking about Run This Town-“would have smashed the hook. Rihanna just doesn’t do it for me.”-Estelle.

Being able to erase on twitter is essential. SMH

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  • PhillyinDubai

    first on the block

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    The dress looks good but not the hat.

  • Redd Foxxx(Pretty Wings)

    She looks sad….

  • http://bossip jason

    how come black peoples feet are always crusty???

  • class act


  • Meggie Letterman

    Estelle? We all know YOU would’ve smashed it…anyone would’ve besides Rihanna would’ve! Furthermore, um WTH? @ Rihanna trynna DO it up in these pics. Chick is lookin’ like a battered prom queen….don’t know where that came from but that expression. Hmmm. Well hell it’s early where I am ….

  • Man, I just don't care™

    I did not notice anything above her shoulders. Could just be me though.


    she annoys the hell out of me… what has she done to keep he name in the media mouth.. I guess her contracts are paying her bills…

  • john hope franklin (still waiting on my apology from that cracka)

    she looks o.k. to me…

  • DOA

    Rihanna should remember that smiling increases a persons attractiveness by 80%..she looks terrible. Estelle’s message was actualy a ‘re-tweet’ by someone else
    This site is startin to become a hotbed for white racist losers.

  • Neena

    She looks miserable.. po thang! And Estelle needs to stop hating.. It’s Jay’s song, not Kanye’s.. if he wanted you on the hook, then you would have been on the hook..

  • Man, I just dont care™


    You are ugly. That is all.

  • JB (Odum in Miami and Vick in Dallas!)

    The dress is cute, but that damn pill box hat is way too much going on. IS she trying to be the “black Lady Gaga”?

  • Jazmine

    That nappy a** kitchen is killing me!!!

  • mz.cee ♥

    Delusional, psychotic broad – always trying so damn hard – she needs medication!

  • trs

    I love her style on this one! The hat is cute.

  • She_4_Real

    lol…That may be true, but Estelle might want to chill out and open her eyes!

  • tb

    Is she allergic to a perm? Why cut her hair like that if she doesn’t like perms?

  • Alrighty Then...

    dress – cute.
    hat – horrible.

  • Angee

    Like the dress, not feeling the hat.


    To busy looking at those big pretty legs to notice the hat!!!

  • tb

    Estelle would have done a better job on the hook…Rhianna sounds like when a cat is getting ran over by a car.

  • trs


    You are cute for a little white boy! If I put this thang on you your life would never be the same.

  • tb

    @ trs

    What thing is that?

  • MRS. OH LAWDY!!!


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