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Rob Kardashian Denies Being Done With Blac Chyna

Rumors are swirling that Rob and Chyna couldn’t even make their relationship work for the full 9 months it takes their baby girl to cook. The obvious tension and drama between the unlikely duo naturally has people speculating that they’re on the rocks…and with new reports claiming that their lowkey breakup caused the Kardashian fam to cut Chyna out of her own baby shower, it appears to be the truth.

But sources close to the couple tell E!news that isn’t quite the case:

“Rob and Chyna are fine. They are together, but it’s just difficult right now,” the insider says. “They are living separately because that makes for a more harmonious life for the two of them. They just bicker a lot. They argue but ultimately they love one another.”

As for what’s going on with this baby shower drama, another source tells E! News that it all started with a misunderstanding. “It was a guys-themed party and Chyna was going to surprise him,” the source says, “but he never showed up, so the sisters told her not to come.”

Adding a little bit of strain on the couple’s relationship, though, is that Rob and Chyna are “in one of their fights and are currently not speaking,” the source adds.

Hmmm…so they’re not living in the same home and not speaking. Yeah, sounds like they’re totally together.

Either way, that’s what Rob personally says. According to him, all the chatter about him and his fiance he isn’t communicating with right now having problems is totally made up.

Seems like a strange arrangement. But when you decide to conceive a baby three weeks into a new realtionship with your little sister’s boyfriend’s former fiance/baby mother…there’s bound to be the occasional bump in the road, correct?




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