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KeKe Palmer Covers Galore Magazine

KeKe Palmer covers next month’s Galore Magazine…and the gag is, it’s a slightly different side of her than we’ve seen before.

In addition to posing for some of the most racy pics we’ve seen of her — sheer tops and pasties? Okay KeKe — the actress/singer talked an array of topics, from dating in Hollywood to celeb responsibility in times of activism. When the topic turned to white women cash-cropping on cornrows…KeKe says she really doesn’t see the big deal.


Via Galore:

How do you feel about white girls in braids?

To not be okay with it would be like saying black people shouldn’t get perms. This goes back to my same message about labels… having braids doesn’t make you black and having straight hair doesn’t make you white. We’re thinking too hard on things honestly. I’m not really caring about whether or not someone who is not black got braids in their hair.

So, Miley Cyrus twerking on stage is not gonna bother you?

Miley Cyrus has always been that, I’ve known her since she was a kid. That’s always what she’s been into. If she loves hip hop music and she loves hip hop culture, that’s what she loves. My sister is a black girl and she loves alternative music and people think she’s weird [laughing].

Why do you think people care so much about those things?

I think the feelings that people have when they have adverse reactions to people that aren’t black wearing braids comes from the feeling that when somebody black does it, it’s not shown the same attention and love. But you can’t concern yourself with that. Are we fighting for attention? I’m not. If you’re respectful of the culture and you know about it and you’re educated on it and you know what you’re doing then by all means. My black girlfriend does henna and people try to tell her she shouldn’t be wearing henna and doing henna because that’s not her culture. You can’t go around looking at the way other people are perceiving you — it’s not fair to you. Don’t be a victim.

When she puts it that way…do you agree? Hit the flip for more from KeKe’s sexified shoot.




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