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Lil Meech Talks The BMF Series & Big Meech

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” Lil Meech stops by to dish on his upcoming role in 50 Cent’s forthcoming BMF series.

As previously reported Big Meech, the incarcerated head of BMF, personally gave permission to Fif to bring the story of BMF’s empire to Starz.

Now Lil Meech is slated to portray his famed father in the show, and he recently told Dani, Jah and Janee that his family originally shielded him from knowing his father’s true identity.

“Do you remember how old you were when you realized your dad was this huge legend especially here in Atlanta?” asked Dani. ”

“I always saw BMF, BMF, everywhere but he always kept me out of that way,” said Lil Meech. “All I remember is him taking me out and showing me nice stuff and we’d have my big birthday parties.

“One day at school I got curious and searched BMF on the internet and I found out everything,” he added. “I read Wikipedia, I found out everything for myself because my family didn’t want to tell me.”

He also recalled the most extravagant party his father ever threw for him.

“I think it was my 5th or 6th birthday party, he actually had this dude dress up in a Spiderman suit and he got on top of my roof,” said Meech. “He was doing all these tricks, I really thought he was Spiderman.”

Will YOU be watching the BMF series when it comes out???


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