And Ali Wept: Laila Ali Joins “All Lives Matter” Movement Because She Doesn’t Want To Lose Sponsorship Dollars

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Laila Ali Won’t Support Black Lives Matter Movement

Have we lost Laila Ali?!

The boxer/actress recently sat down with HuffPo Live to discuss why won’t publicly support the Black Lives Matter movement online. According to Laila, she doesn’t believe an IG post or tweet can really change anything.

“By me not posting, it doesn’t mean that black lives don’t matter,” she said. “To me, it’s obvious that black lives matter. And then… I’m like, what is posting going to do? What is speaking out going to do?”

Laila believes she may lose endorsement deals and fans if she speaks out for Black lives. WHERE IS HER DADDY?!!?

“Yes, black lives matter. Yes, white lives matter, asian lives matter. All lives matter,” she said. “And that’s kind of what my focus is. But it’s hard because, you know, you’ve got sponsors and you’ve got this and you’ve got that. And you don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. And you’re trying to be politically correct, but at the same time trying to uplift your people.”

Muhammad Ali has to be rolling in his grave right now:


What the entire hell is going on with these stars??


Do you think Laila is doing a great disservice to her father’s legacy by discussing her disdain for BLM? Sound off in the comment section below.


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