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Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter Charges

We’ve heard a lot of bull$#!t come out of cops’ mouths after they kill a black person, but this is just cotdamn ridiculous.

According to NYDailyNews, trigger-happy officer Betty Shelby appeared in court today to proclaim her innocence to the first-degree manslaughter charges. If she’s convicted she will face a sentence of life in prison.

Her lawyer, Scott Wood, felt it necessary to let folks know that his client couldn’t even hear the fatal shots she fired into Terence Crutcher.

“She didn’t hear the gunshot, didn’t hear the sirens coming up behind her just prior to the shot,” Wood said Thursday.

The condition, sometimes called “auditory exclusion,” happens when people in high-stress situations tune out noises around them, Wood said.

“It’s not only a common phenomenon described in literature, but it’s the No. 1 perceptual distortion by people I have represented who have been involved in shootings — diminished sound or complete auditory exclusion,” he argued.

We’re not doubting that there is such a thing called “auditory exclusion”, but what the F**K does that have to do with bullet-blastin’ Betty killing a man who didn’t deserve to die?!?

Kick rocks ’til you lose a toe nail.

Image via Facebook/Tulsa Police



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