Brody Jenner Backtracks On His Anti-Black Lives Matter Posts, Says Researching The Issue Has Opened His Eyes

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Brody Jenner Rethinks His Anti-Black Lives Matter Comments

After spending a full week getting dragged after essentially blaming unarmed black men for their own deaths at the hands of police officers in an insensitive and racist Instagram post last week…Brody Jenner has had a change of heart.

Looks like a few of Brody’s friends — and a few thousand commenters on his social media — helped him check his privilege and realize he was vomiting words on a subject he wasn’t really equipped to comment on…

I realize that my comments weren’t thoughtful or substantiated. I spoke out of turn on a subject I wasn’t particularly educated on.

Peep his entire post below:

After taking some time to reflect and learn a lot over the last few days, I want to address my careless and misguided posts last weekend. Having done more research into the Black Lives Matter movement, including reading a very informative editorial by @lmanisviney, I realize that my comments weren't thoughtful or substantiated. I spoke out of turn on a subject I wasn't particularly educated on. It was never my intention to exacerbate an already contentious situation in our country. I am a firm supporter of the African American community and I am grateful that my mistake allowed me the opportunity to increase my own awareness of Black Lives Matter, and hope that going forward we can continue this conversation in a positive and peaceful way.

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Whether this is his 100% sincere new opinion or not…it’s refreshing to see someone actually take the time out to take a second look at what they say, how they say it, and how it affects others. Sounds like he’s at least trying to understand things from a different angle…right?


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