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When are restaurant workers going to stop doing this stupid ish… It’s not funny and it almost always results in unemployment.

According to Fox 4 reports:

Tyrone Moseley says he stopped a local Sonic Drive-in with his coworker for lunch on Friday. He says they ordered on the patio where they usually take his name. But this time, they didn’t.

After they finished their meal, Tyrone says he noticed his friend’s receipt that said, “Mexican.” When he checked his receipt, it said a variation of the n-word.

“One of the workers, she came outside. I asked her and said, ‘Do you know anything about this? Is this how y’all put the name of your customers on your receipt?’ She was like, ‘Ugh… no.’ But then she kind of giggled and just walked off and kept going,” he explained.

Moseley said the carhop responsible for the slurs is also black.

“I try not to use that word, and I know where it comes from,” he said. “It kind of bothers me for your own kind to call you that. Especially at a place of business. Especially where I spend my money at.”

SMH… Do you find it more or less insulting that the person responsible was black?

The restaurant is doing damage control by firing the server and promising to provide training to make sure employees know this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Sonic sent the following statement to FOX 4:

“We understand that a carhop wrote an offensive word on one customer’s receipt and a different offensive word on another customer’s receipt. The franchisees who own and operate this drive-in consider such behavior to be completely unacceptable. They have already investigated the matter and report that the carhop is no longer employed by the drive-in.”

What would you do if it happened to you?



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