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Usher and his wife Tameka Foster were spotted leaving the Maxfield store in Hollyweird. Why does Usher look like he’s smelling some funky farts in this pic?

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  • erica

    1st, he might be tired of you’ll taking his picture all the time

  • keely

    um, i wish tameka would get a clue that lipgloss and makeup were created for people with faces like hers…don’t think you’re too good for a little MAC girl…

  • Shonna Gayle

    you see she looks like she’s saying “excuse me”…third!

  • Dominique

    He got the THIZZ face goin on

  • what??????????

    No the question should be why is his wife out in public without any make/up on.

  • crazy black lady

    Tameka looks young…They look good together. stop being jealous!

  • Latisha

    Tamika looks good. I am happy for you Usher. You have a strong lovely black sister.

  • and another one..

    Ahhhhh Usher is so sweeeeet! Aye Usher, ‘how u doin’?, no really how are the beauty & the beard doing on this fine sunny day?? Damn – Lovin his new record’s though Urshers music is always on point.

  • lala

    Wheres the baby? aint seen a pic yet!

  • Rotex

    I think they look good together

  • Rotex

    @Just Sit and Be Pretty


  • B. Green

    That look like “I think I love my wife….Why did I get married”


    Maybe he’s having regrets about marrying a cougar who is more interested in his cash…

  • Booboo

    A very reliable source in ATL that is close to the Usher camp says that they have tried shopping around first photos of the baby. Word is, no one is buying. Apparently, these two are not relevant. Maybe National Geographic mag will offer them a year supply of Waffle House coupons for the pics. Someone should give them somethin’.



  • serious jackson

    @ lala I have been wondering the same thing where is the damn baby?Im tired of seeing these 2 out with out the kids!!!


    Wow, this is one prolonged publicity stunt or they are really happy.

  • justme

    well im all thumbs up for Ush and his new wife and child, aand his new music is tha ish, but these pictures just are’nt that flattering! we all have a few bad pics thats just the way it is! but errrr ummm Tamika calould have smiled or sumthin she does look kind of mean in those pics!

  • justme

    ^^^^sorry 4 all the typos (rushing)


    Ush needs to drop that ho like a ho

  • Rotex

    @Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Why are you talking like that.

  • Bird

    I have been saying all along that I will not believe these two produced a child until I see the child. I still don’t believe they have one.

  • K-ten

    She’s looking BETTER…

  • what??????????

    @crazy black lady

    Ok you got me I’m sooo jealous of Usher wife.

    Damn if on I can make myself so how look like her.

    Then too I can snag myself a in the closet homo thug.

    But there’s only one problem with your statement I’m a man. Not to mention my chick is ten times better looking than Ushers.

  • statim08

    Better to fart at Maxfields than in the car.

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