This “Makes Him Smart?” New York Times Exposes Donald Trump’s Tax Info, Finds That He Avoided Paying For THIS Long…

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Donald Trump Avoided Paying Taxes For 18 Years

That tax info that Donald Trump has repeatedly hopscotched all around has finally hit the public…and it’s reflecting that the Republican Candidate for President didn’t pay taxes for nearly two decades.

A package anonymously sent to the New York Times contained three pages of what appeared to be a portion of Trump’s 1995 tax returns.

The info highlighted that Trump claimed a business loss of nearly $1 billion, stemming from poor management of three Atlantic City casinos, a failed airline investment, and a hasty purchase of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. The loss was so big it allowed the candidate to take advantage of tax rules that assist wealthy filers such as Trump, permitting him legally avoid paying any federal taxes for 18 years.

Meanwhile, Wesley Snipes had to do a bid for avoiding his for only 2 years. But we digress…

Of course Donald is heated and claims that all this info was illegally obtained by the Times in their effort to do Hillary Clinton’s dirty work. He didn’t say it isn’t true, though.

Damn. Do they have something like this in place for the average working people out here to make sure WE can get ahead after our losses too? Doubtful…smh.

New York Times/Monica Jorge

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