These Two Again: Whitney & Ray-J

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Via TMZ:

As Ray J headed toward his ride, a giddy Whitney began blow ing kisses to her young friend and repeatedly motioned for him to call her. Not yet ready to leave his urban cougar for the night, Ray-J then ran back to Whitney’s car and begged her to take a ride with him in his Lamborghini. Though she said “that sh*t is off the chain,” referring to his wheels of course, she only agreed to drive with him later, “when it’s low key.”

For those (like me) who didn’t know:

Urban Cougar (n.) An older woman, typically early thirties to mid-forties, who has abandoned traditional rules of romantic engagement and taken as her mission the seduction of as many game young men as she can possibly handle.

LMAO @ calling Whitney an “urban cougar”…neither one of them seem like they’re upset about all those damn cameras flashing. Wonder why??? It was not shocking when Ray-J says “good job” to the papparazi and “I love TMZ”. Click here to watch video, be warned, you will hear a woman sounding like a crackhead and Ray-J being an attention whore.

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