Jermaine and Sons

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Jermaine Jackson left the spray on face and hair at home and hit the streets with his sons Jourdynn and Jeremy. We can’t believe we’re about to say this, but they actually look a little normal. Look at Jermaine’s kicks…trying stunt a lil bit for the kids.

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  • erica

    How many kids does he have now? about 7

  • what??????????

    More like Greasy J and fam.Real Talk.

  • Shonna Gayle

    His kids are def cute 🙂

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Kids are cute.. I wanna do the dad and all his kids!

    I’m a 37 yr old Jamaican numb nut. Shyt I’m almost 40 and i’m scared.


    why is a grown man dressin like a child smh

  • K-ten


  • Georgia On My Mind (An Official Member of the Latte-Sipping Crowd)

    He’s one of the few Jackson kids that didn’t bleach his skin.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    what can u do if your puss smells like grass ass?

  • Bird

    His sons are cute. I wonder how old him and Hazel’s kids are now. I also wonder if they are the only full black Jackson children. Maybe Rebbie’s kids are black too.

  • lisa

    Those r actually his youngest boys, Jermajesty and Jaffar. They were on that special ‘Jackson kids defend uncle michael’ and those are the kids that jermaine has by the woman who also has 2 kids by Jermaine’s brother randy.

  • Keif K


    Hot new music @

  • Brie

    aww… not that haircut on the youngest… wow :/

  • RaphaelK

    where are they goin to pick up jermaine welfare check you know he said he had no dough

  • angry azz black woman

    fcuk jermaine he treats women like shyt

  • dennis

    no comment.

    LOL @ Just sit and be pretty.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket wants everyone to stop using the word "hater"


    Those r actually his youngest boys, Jermajesty and Jaffar.


    LMAO @ Jermajesty…that’s messed up yo…

  • herpesdating

    Jermaine Jackson helps some HIV girls on our Herpes datign site. And he said he will offer more helps to the top member this year

  • Maurice

    I just don’t understand why they all had to go out and get white women? Something is wrong with that family.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    I guess Jermajesty was in school.

  • Onlinefan

    I like Jermaine,I’m his big fan.I heard something interesting about him at a niche interracial dating site named may get it there


    Jermajesty???!!!?? what an ugly name!

  • Giselle

    Yep. They named their kid Jermajesty. Stupid Assholes.

  • Terrence

    When them tired ass Jackson hit the road and bring in some much needed cash, I’m sure them boys will go under the knife like Titos drag queen looking bareback boys.

  • Vinandi

    normal?? is it normal for a 11 year old boy to have a ponytail?

  • Divab

    ^ I think they were talking about Jermaine looks normal. lol.

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