Lil Bow Wow is Legal

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bow Wow celebrated his 21st birthday in Vegas like anyone should: with half-naked broads and tequila. It’s highly likely that he earled the next morning by the way he’s guzzling down that bottle of Patrón.

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  • JohnnieS

    His boyfriend Omarion wasnt there?

  • Gwadaboy

    he’s looking like T.I.

  • Latisha

    I think he’s gay!

  • mjw

    them girls look horrific. he could of picked girls with some better bodies and facies.

  • and another one..

    @JohnnieS – think Gayoriaon was waiting in the hotel with the oil, Marques and Chris Stokes…Bow Wow is looking fruity as all hell lately

  • jo

    Yikes! Them girls look ROUGH,straight up shemales. They look like men with weaves. Maybe thats how Bow Wow likes em. He couldn’t find better looking women than that?

  • Beantown_Mami

    Not only are those girls hideous they look OLD!!

  • Ghost

    I don’t know why he celebrating so hard that boy know he been drinking since he was 5.


    Well at least since he was 20, he got caught gettign toasted at the FaceOff Cd Release party and plenty of photos for everyone to see him toasted.

    Now tht he is 21, can he go somewhere and sit down and try to write a rap song that isn’t offensive or Weezy sounding?

  • Ghost

    And to think MTV taped all that and will be airing it. I hope those girls are doing that to help pay for college.

  • Donna8604

    Forget BowWow, I want some of that Patron!!!!!

  • Black Beauty

    So I guess drinking and having naked women at your party make you official? Get the heck out of here! You can tell when a person is not use to something, because they feel te need to show off. Bow Wow is, and will always be, corny.

  • K-ten

    Those “girls” are just stand-ins. The real party happened later at Omarion’s place.

  • Bird

    Looks like a fitting birthday party for a wealthy 21 year old. As long as he didn’t drive I don’t see a problem with it.

  • what??????????

    Why the hell is this dude still relevant. Ho sit yo ass down please!

  • justme

    those boads are fugly eeew they look flat out nasty!!!! with all that money he got he could have found some better looking girls!!! but he is still cute!!!

  • Lucy

    He’s so lame

  • Dolla Bill

    He gets to suck off Jermaine Dupri for his B-day….Happy B-day you little faggot! LOL

  • marla williams

    This is really sadd!! im glad i didnt see Angela Simmons on his arm… please Rev Run hide your daughter this is really Sadd…..

  • Ghost

    Why the hell is this dude still relevant. Ho sit yo ass down please!


    Because he has 3 movies coming out between now and 2009.

    He appeals to the BET Crowd.

    He doesn’t believe in college, which is a 150 from the statement he said when his career was slowing down and he said in Right ON!-he wanted to head to college and learn more about music and have something to fall back on.

    Funny how a song with Omarion called “Let Me Hold You” can save a career. Maybe Romeo should have tried that, oh well he’ll be at USC trying to save Tim Floyd’s job after overrated OJ Mayo leaves.

  • CKJeter

    Bow Wow is homo. Thats it, nothin more 2 say.

  • Sharpton's Perm

    This cat is going to look HILARIOUS in his 30’s and 40’s.

    In his 50’s he’s going to look like George Jefferson.

  • live, love, learn

    @Ghost…lol um OJ Mayo overrated…your crazy

  • Sybil Blaize

    Bow Woow look good, but…. ….SIgh ,i hope Gay ass Omarion isnt waitin’ for him Bow HAS been lookin’ pretty fruty lately & IDont liike it lolllll

  • Janelle

    those girls are looking a bit rough…I wouldn’t want them at my B-day party lol

  • RaphaelK

    SMH how u gon be 21 and look like you in middle school put that drink down fo i tell yo mama

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