White Privilege: University Of North Dakota Students Go Unpunished For “Free Speech” Display Of Blackface On Snapchat

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University of North Dakota Racist Snapchat Messages

Add University of North Dakota to the list of colleges to never send your black sons and daughters to EVER…

According to Star Tribune reports:

University of North Dakota officials announced late Wednesday that they concluded an investigation into two racially charged Snapchat photos and that they have decided not to punish the students involved.

“After a full review of the information, the Code of Student Life and the laws pertaining to each incident, and after consulting with general counsel, [the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities] has concluded that neither incident constitutes a violation of the UND Code of Student Life,” the school wrote in a statement. The outcome was “driven by the Constitutional protection of free speech,” but officials wouldn’t disclose details of their findings.

SMH… Free Speech? And not a violation of the UND Code of Student Life? So we guess there are no rules in the Code of Student Life about not being a racist bigots who treat innocent people with zero regard.

University of North Dakota Racist Snapchat Messages

Both incidents happened on Snapchat in September, just days apart.

The first involved three students who allegedly locked a black student out of a dorm and took a picture on her phone with the caption, “locked the black b**ch out.” And the second showed four students posing in blackface with the caption “Black lives matter.”

“As part of the conversation with student leaders, we talked about the concept of zero tolerance,” UND President Mark Kennedy said in a statement released following the investigation. “While I appreciate the desire for such a policy, it is unachievable under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Kennedy said that he was aware that students and other members of the community were hurt by the incidents and that he personally was “appalled” by the photos.

At least somebody is appalled at that school. We don’t understand how the damn school President can be APPALLED and want a zero tolerance policy. Pretty sure plenty of other schools don’t let Free Speech get in the way of acting a damn fool.


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